Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Night Blogging

Simple Woman's Daybook....cause I need to get back into blogging. A handy dandy format works well for that.

FOR TODAY, Monday, October 12th

Outside my's night. My living room windows are like giant mirrors. When it gets closer to Christmas, I'll use them to work out dances and practice dances.

I am thinking...I'm not a true football fan. I sit here with my laptop and look up to watch the replay whenever the Jedi becomes vocal about what just happened.

I am thankful for...the safety and stability of my family.

From the learning rooms...Toa of Boy is prepping for a chess tournament this Saturday. He is brand new to the game. Brand new. But he really really wanted to participate in the tournament. Sweetling has had a cold, and has been struggling to gather enough energy to get her schoolwork accomplished. I can totally sympathize. I did absolutely nothing two days last week cause this cold just knocked me on my butt.

From the kitchen...chocolate zucchini cake and cinnamon zucchini cake. This was made from Zucchini, King of Zucchinis, which we pulled out of our garden last week and which weighed in at 5 1/2 lbs and measured 24 inches. I figure I can have as many pieces of chocolate zucchini cake as I want, cause it's like a vegetable, right?

I am wearing...jeans and a short sleeve red sweater. This fashion statement is made complete by the small pile of used tissues crumpled up on the arm of my chair. Yes, you needed that word picture.

I am creating...I painted a toucan on a wooden shelf for a woman in our church this weekend. It was a pretty easy process. I'm considering writing a "works for me wednesday" post about it.

I am a pumpkin patch on Wednesday and to Telephone's house tomorrow to take her some zucchini cake. "Zake", says Ms Ria.

I am reading...just finished "The Secret" by Beverly Lewis. Have a bag of library books awaiting me as well as some choice picks from Nora. (and some cool exerpts from the manuscript she's currently working on!)

I am hoping...that this cold goes away. Go away cold. I want my nose back.

I am hearing...Football and football commercials. Ah look, a replay for me to watch.

Around the house...Sweetling is sleeping. Toa of Boy is sleeping. Mamma is dozing in her chair. There is laundry I should be folding, but its not all over the bed, so as long as I can still go to sleep, I can worry about it tomorrow.

One of my favorite things...Iris flowers. I love irises. I now have a happy pot of them ready to go in the ground out front. Hooray for Ria :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Tomorrow I am the Zake fairy.
Wednesday is pumpkin patch and then game night up in youth.
Thursday is co-op. Do I have my homework done? No, I do not. Bad writing instructor, bad.
Friday: Pleasantly unscheduled.
Saturday: Chess tournament at the library.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Behold....Zucchini, King of Zucchinis

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