Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Froggy Algebra

Not only do July frogs eat cornflakes with sporks, but they are also very good at solving equations with variables on both sides of the equations. Its good that the frog can do this, because the Mommy is struggling with the word problem. Help please?

"A 2000L tank containing 550L of water is being filled with water at the rae of 75L per minute from a full 1600L tank. How long will it be before both tanks have the same amount of water?"

I set up my equation: 1600 - 75 / m = 550 + 75 / m

This is wrong. Why is it wrong? This is also frustrating, because this is a simple rate problem, and I used to do physic problems way more complicated than this. But the key phrase there is "used to do". Now I'm going to go see if the July frog would like to share another cup of hot chocolate with me.

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Holly@aiminghigh said...

It's a 2000L tank that already has 550 in it, not a 550L tank. Didn't know I could do math, did ya?