Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook, Sept 9th

(Wednesday, September 9th, 10:54 pm)...

Outside my window...the crickets and tree frogs? are singing. Otherwise the windows are dark mirrors.

I am thinking...that I should be in bed. But here I am, because I haven't blogged in a while, and addictions are cruel masters.

I am thankful husband. I know, I know. Jedi stories always dominate this space, but this week is no different. Sweetling has been unhappy recently with school. The work load this year is a lot tougher, and more of my time this year is needed by Toa of Boy, so Sweetling has been trudging through her assignments by herself. The Jedi commented last night that her schooling used to incorporate and make use of her imagination and creativity, whereas this year it has really been more "seriously academic." He wondered if there was someway to bring back the "make believe" element with her school. We talked about it, and I launched operation "Daydreaming Scholar" today. It was a huge success. Sweetling taught "Eggy" all day today. (Eggy was a large ball whom she adopted for the day, carried around, made a nest for, and filled its day with cognitive enrichment.) Sweetling was a happy cheerful girl all day, and she got her school work finished by noon.

From the learning rooms...three big updates. Operation Daydream Scholar is a go. Toa of Boy is as bouncy as ever and is really reading. Tomorrow is our co-op kickoff day.

From the kitchen...Daniel Boone Chicken. It was absolutely delicious. Of course, I dropped and spilled rice grains all over the kitchen floor, but Toa of Boy said, "Don't worry Mommy! I'll go get the mop!" And he got the broom and dustpan and swept up the kitchen floor for me.

I am wearing...a white summer weight sweater, tan shorts, teal necklace and earrings.

I am creating...ten unique labels for the 6th graders' co-op supply box. Each label has the meaning of their name, their name in cunneiform, and their name in hieroglyphs. I'm especially proud of what a good job I did on the heiroglyphs, because I managed to encorporate symbols for both the phonemes in their names as well as the meaning of their names. I'll have to do one for myself and ask the Jedi to scan it in so I can post it.

I am co-op. Hi ho, hi ho! I love co-op :)

I am reading...just finished "The Girl who Could Fly" by Victoria Forester. I highly recommend this book for anyone in the 5th through 7th grades or so. It would make a great addition to a homeschooling curriculum. Or, Nora, your gifted kids would really like it.  I can't tell you why without giving away the plot, so you'll have to trust me and check it out from the library and read it yourself.

I am hoping...for something personal. Really though, I know what I need to do next in the process and just have been dragging my feet on it. No one is surprised by this revelation, but at least I'm taking ownership of the situation!

I am hearing...crickets and tree frogs and whatever it is that makes so much noise on a summer night. I love their noises, but I'm always amazed by how loud it is, and by how vague my knowledge of the source of these sounds is.

Around the house...everyone but the naughty Mommy is asleep. But the Mommy isn't too naughty, because the house is clean and the laundry is done and folded and the kids are packed for the first day of co-op and my project was done an HOUR before midnight. (Ok, technically, there are still 4 bags of non-perishable groceries sitting on top of the washer machine that need to get put away in the pantry, but still, I have kicked butt today. Which is probably why I walked out of the girls bathroom at church carrying the soap dispenser. The universe must maintain its cosmic balance somehow.)

One of my favorite seventh grade life group girls at church. I really love everyone's personality and comments. We are like a wonderful ethnic dish, with a rich variety of flavors that are each distinct and yet complimentary to each other.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Thursday: co-op, Incredibles, library, Tae Kwon Do (where I have just about mastered the fifth form!)
Friday: school, family night
Saturday: Vaya's baby shower. I've decided I'm not ready to be a grandma. That just sounds old and stuffy. But I'd love to be a Meemaw. Meemaws are fun and quirky. The Jedi is going to a 9-12 rally in BlueAsh.
Sunday: Sweetling goes to youth instead of the sanctuary. Toa of Boy is in Kidzone instead of Clubhouse. (He has told everyone, and I do mean everyone, that he is now with Miss Bethann.) Sunday night we are all supposed to be back at church by 5. I have no idea how that's going to happen.

Here is picture for thought I am heiroglyphs for you so....

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