Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fabulous Five

One more day in Buffalo, one more night at the hotel.

So far, here are our  top five picks of the trip.

Toa of Boy:

1. Lunch on Friday at the Indian food place. It was so yummy. I could eat 18 mango lassies.

2. Dinner last night. The chicken was good and the mild and honey good.

3. Rainbow. Good.  I wish I wish I was going over the rainbow.

4. The stuff I buyed. I did like the chick. The chickie chickie.

5. The beach. It was fun. I like getting wet!


1.  I liked the Maid of the Mist. It was fun and wet.

2. The hotel is really nice It looks really homey, the beds are comfy, and it has a cool indoor swimming pool.

3. The Journey behind the Falls was neat. It was really cool to walk down the tunnel and look at the waterfalls from the other side.

4. I like spending time with family.

5. The pizza place that we went to is an amazing restaurant. It makes good pizza.


1. This has been an awesome and amazing family vacation. I have loved loved loved all the things we've seen and done, but most of all, I've loved doing them together. I've loved the car games we've played. I've loved watching Sweetling and the Jedi walk hand in hand along Niagra Falls. I've loved listening to Toa of Boy say, "This is the best vacation ever," even if he has said it again and again and again, in his best Dash voice and often while flopping himself backward. I love how patient the Jedi has been with two very exciteable personalies (and no, Sweetling isn't one of them.) I love being a family together.

2. The Maid of the Mist. This was by far the most awesome, most unforgetable activity of the trip so far....and I can't imagine anything else will be able to top it. I'm really glad we started our day in Niagra off with this boat ride. It far surpassed all my expectations for it.

3. I liked Sarah's restaurant. It was a fun throw back to a 50's diner and really encapsulated the spirit of the family road trip.

4. I got a kick out of driving over all the bridges. I love the marvels of engineering that they represent, I love the view from the middle of them, and I love the sounds the wheels make on them. Bridges...awesome. I'm even considering driving over the Buffalo skyway again today just to do it. I have a Tom Tom, how hard could it be?

5. Niagra Falls was breathtaking in its beauty and majesty.

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