Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick Quotes

From a greeting card cousin Charlotte shared--

"My cookbook says I can substitute three egg whites for two eggs.....I don't think my cookbook understands my problem."

From Monday night dinner--

Me: Please keep the lizard out of your spaghetti.
Toa of Boy: The lizard is Spaghetti!
Sweetling: Please keep the green lizard named spaghetti out of you plate of red, real spaghetti.

From Saturday's trip to McD's with Grandma:

Getting stung
On the tongue
By a bee
Is no fun.

(Toa of Boy's assessment of Mommy's poetry: "It's not funny, Mommy. It's sad." And since Toa of boy was the victem of said bee sting, he was very qualified to judge the emotional content of the verse. The bee climbed in the straw of his strawberry milkshake. Poor Toa of Boy.)

From yesterday's Target Trip:

Sweetling: I think you have trained Toa of Boy to be a "P".
Me: Mais oui, Jean-Claude, mais oui.
Sweetling: Not that kind of pea. A "P" from that personality index thing. [the Meyers-Briggs index]
Me: Not so fast tomatoe. Won't you join me in my irrating little song?
Sweetling: Nevermind.

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Susan said...

Thank you for the smiles! :)
Also - I got several questions about my "writing for associated content" post, so I answered them in the comment section there - please check back. Thanks for visiting! (PS - your kids are so sweet!)