Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rocking Like Peanuts

On the way back from the pool this evening, Toa of Boy asked, "Whose idea was this? This was a good idea!"

"This is all Daddy's idea," I said. "Daddy got on the internet and did all the research and planned all the activities and found all the places we could go and all the things we could do."

"That's because," added Sweetling, "Daddy rocks."

To which Toa of Boy exclaimed, "Daddy rocks like peanuts!"

Now, I am sitting in the hotel room waiting for the Jedi to get back from his certification class. The children are in bed, but not asleep. If I were in bed, I would surely be asleep.

Brief highlights of how our trip has rocked like peanuts--
German food is very filling. German buffets consist of multiple types of meat (four different sausages, meatloaf, and two different meaty stews) with sides of mashed potatoes, two kinds of hot potato salads, cabbage, sourkraut, and mac and cheese. Over in the corner there was a lonely pan of green beans...with potato pieces and crumbled bacon.

The Fudge Haus across the street had their hours posted in German and the "push" and "pull" signs on their door in German as well. The Jedi got a kick out of that. We all got a kick out of the delicious samples we were treated too....including penache fudge, for which I must now find some recipes. The Jedi spent an unmentionable sum of money treating us to all kids of wonderful fudge goodness. He made sure each of us got to pick a few favorite items and candies from each of the tempting displays....though we did draw the line at the $28 dollar lollipop that was bigger than Toa of Boy's head. (Toa of Boy very kindly offered to share it with the whole family. Mommy still said no.)

And we spent half an hour or so wondering around the old neighborhood around the restaurant with its brick streets and brick sidewalks and neat and tiny gardens. Toa of Boy collected several leaves, which he stuffed in the largest pocket of his seat organizer. Sweetling and I browsed through the art and craft shop together and oooed and awed over many lovely items.

The Yellow Car Game and the state lisence plate search are going wonderfully. Both of the kids are excited and into the games. We took a break from them today while driving on the toll highway between Erie and Buffalo and did round robin story telling instead....featuring the penguins of madagascar in our tale of course.

Today was packed full of activities. ....but the Jedi is back (and I munched on the awesome food he brought home from class. I asked him if that was his homework, and then I chowed down.) So, I'm off to bed. I'm only a day behind with my updates. For me, that's almost like being on time.

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Kelly said...

Sounds like an amazing family vacation. And now I am hungry because you mentioned German food. Havent had good German food in way too long. Enjoy the rest of your trip.