Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daybook: Daffodils!


Outside my window...There's so much work to be done in my garden that I'm almost wishing the snow would come back and cover it up again. Ok, not really. But, lots of work.

I am thinking...naptime. I'm listening to a smattering of news...but I'm not really thinking about it. I'm thinking about naptime. Maybe I should see if I can work the phrase "not really" into every section of my daybook today.

Squirrel story from Mama.....Mama says she was on her way to church this morning and was waiting her turn at a stop sign. She was thinking of me, and a little squirrel went scampering across the street. Because she was thinking of me, she said aloud (with her car windows up), "Well hello there little squirrel; Jesus loves you!"  As soon as she said, "Jesus," the little squirrel turned around, sat up on his hind legs, and made eye contact with Mama. Mama says she was as surprised as the squirrel seemed to be. She kept talking to the squirrel, telling him all about how much Jesus loved him. The squirrel sat enraptured looking at Mama. Another car came up behind her, so she had to cut her testimony short and drive away. But, she wanted to share the story with me.

I am thankful for...a wonderful birthday, a wonderful family, a delicious chocolate cake, and friends who not only put up with, but who will participate in my crazy ideas.

From the learning rooms..... I have zero motivation to continue our current curriculum. Zero. I always have trouble being motivated to do school in the spring, but now that we are for sure using a different curriculum next year, my normally deficient motivation has decreased to zilch. Some other solution needs to be worked out for the rest of this year. Hmmmm....

From the kitchen...the Jedi is great, made me the chocolate cake! This was my birthday present from the family. Each person did parts of it. The bottom layer was a Ghiredelli dark chocolate brownie. This was topped with a layer of Hagendaas dark chocolate ice cream. Then a layer of dark chocolate cake, a layer of dark chocolate hot fudge, and another layer of dark chocolate cake. The final, top layer was a ganache made with Gheridelli chocolate. It was every bit as good and as decadant as it sounds.

I am clothes still. In honor of my birthday, I wore the long, silver-grey embroidered dress which I wore to Vaya's wedding. I paired it with a long silver necklace with orange crystal beads and dangly silver earings with tiny orange crystal pendants. I got lots of compliments on my dress and jewelry today :)

I am creating...ONE WEEK until the children's Easter musical. ONE WEEK. And I'm noticing that I tend to overuse the effect of repeating a word or phrase as a sentence fragment for emphasis. When the writer notices the technique is being overused, its probably been ridden into the ground.

I am going...back to church at 5 for musical practice. A dear brother is there now working on the set. I wanted to go back and help him, but have been told that he is in the creative process and extra people there would be the opposite of helping. So, I am at home.

I am reading...just finished Graceling, an excellent fantasy book. Its been a long time since I've read an adult, or young adult, fiction book without picking it apart....but Graceling fits into that category. Believeable, well-developed characters, an unusual and original premise, a nicely flowing plot... if I had one criticism, it would be that the book wrapped up too quickly. I would have been happy with at least two or three more chapters.

I am hoping...for 40 responses to my birthday challenge!

I am hearing...birdsong from outside. The Jedi has turned the news off, since the principle vote isn't going to happen for another couple of hours at least. Downstairs, Toa has just finished sharpening a pencil. He is sitting at his school desk voluntarily spending his Sunday afternoon writing something!!! We don't know what he's writing, becaue it's private until he's ready to share. But I never thought I'd see the day when the boy's weekend activity of choice was writing!

Around the house... spring cleaning and decluttering or arson? Its a tough choice to make.

One of my favorite cake of course! And the daffodils with opened up just in time for my birthday are a close second!

Garden news.... the Jedi came home with four boxes of Pachysandra on Friday afternoon. His company is redoing their landscaping, and all that ground cover was just going to be ripped out. They asked if anyone wanted it, and the Jedi said yes! I'm thrilled! We planted it on the wooded slope of the backyard yesterday.  I also discovered, while we were outside working, that giant piles of autumn leaves which are raked into piles for jumping in and then left all winter, will kill the grass. Go figure.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Sunday: rehearsal
Monday: I'm trying to talk Telephone and Kindness into coming over for chocolate cake after Kindness gets off school.
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: We need a curriculum solution for the rest of our school year. There are some things in our present curriculum which we must finish up....but surely some fun and enjoyment can be found in it?
Saturday: Dress rehearsal! and Junior High Girls outing to Living Cross.
Sunday: Rez the Rock who Rolled! Easter Musical

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... to be added after nap, when pictures are unloaded from the camera.

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Cheryl said...

My brother and sister-in-law once came upon a squirrel with his head caught in a drain pipe...funniest picture ever! :)

40winkzzz said...

i didn't really want to leave a random comment on your birthday wishes story above, so i picked this one.

i have spent the last... mmm, 45 minutes, maybe?... reading through your blogpost when i am SUPPOSED to be looking for the algebraic calculator that my first two kids used and my third one is supposed to be now using and that my #2 kid swears she did not lose and i must have given away to charity and that i don't want to go spend $80 to replace. (did you follow all that?)

so now i am going to go put you in my google reader so i can read you all the time, and then i am going to log off and go look for that calculator. thank you for sabotaging my productive evening by being so highly entertaining. :-)

and ryc-- yeah, it doesn't surprise me that "rabbit trails" would be a popular blog name. it was a good thought, though. i have more ideas, which you can read if i ever get around to writing part 3, which i probably should not do until i have scoured the premises for that calculator.