Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kindness Countdown: 1


I got my first response on my birthday wishes! So worth being awake this early!

How about I tell you about an act of kindness my 20 mth old did for my 3 yr old today?...

I was sitting on the couch. 3yr old was at the kitchen table and somehow managed to get his foot caught in the kitchen chair. He began to wail. Just as I was getting up from the couch, I noticed my 20mth old come running around the corner to see what all the commotion was about. He worriedly looked at his brother and then at me and realized that he could get to his brother faster than me. With a mad concerned dash, he rushed to his brother and began to tickle his foot that was sticking out of the chair spokes. It took his brother by such surprise that he jerked his foot free and started laughing hysterically. My 20mth old beamed with pride while getting hugs from both Mommy and big brother for being such a kind, helpful little guy.

Happy Birthday! May you have someone always available to turn your struggles into laughing opportunities.
I also have "invitation" cards sitting in my purse, waiting to be passed out at church this morning :)

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