Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kindness Countdown: 4,5, and 6

I had several replies over the past day or so :) I have a couple more sitting in my outlook inbox, but I'm having trouble accessing that on my netbook, so I'll have more to post tomorrow too!

I had a fast food gift card in my purse today, but gave it to someone I ran across who seemed to be having a rough time financially. Happy birthday, this is a very cool idea!
And these next two were told to me verbally, so I'm paraphrasing.

The first was a friend who sent a care package to a missionary family who is currently in America for a brief time. She included clothes for the new baby and toy cars for the small boys.

The second was a friend who sent a bouquet of flowers to her sister, whom she isn't often in contact with. Her family only infrequently gets together or talks. She said there was a day recently, when she was thinking about her sister, so she sent her a text saying 'love ya, just wanted you to know that.' The sister replied that she had really needed to hear that on that day becuase she was home sick and feeling really miserable. So the friend who was relaying the story followed the brief text up with ordering a bouquet of flowers.

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