Friday, December 03, 2010

Facebook Friday

arg. I put my cup of hot chocolate down somewhere, and now I can't find it. you know who is going to find it sometime tomorrow? The Jedi :(

So, Facebook tells me someone in Texas is trying to log into my account. Really? Cause my life is that exciting?

Why do people three and under fight so valiantly against taking a nap?

ARRRRGGGHHH@! Computers are just so bleepin evil!!!!

‎1)It has been decided that I am a "squipmunk". 2)The Jedi has been watching the Dolphins game in Danish. 3)The leaves in my yard do not get raked, unless its to make a leaf pile to jump in.

I called the computer a dork, but it neither cared nor changed its behavior.

Why does my to-do list keep growing faster than I can check stuff off of it? I'm sure Facebook has nothing to do with this problem.

Favorite quote of the day, "It's hard to focus when you look outside and see that the branches of trees are forming eyelids."--Julia from _Love in a Time of Homeschooling_ by Laura Brodie.

We watched Cats and Dogs tonight cause Mommy picked the movie. Mommy might not get to pick the movie again for a long time. We did, however, encounter several teachable moments re "suspension of disbelief" and "plot hole".

Old mother hubbard went to the cupboard, and realized what a bad grocery shopper she has been the past couple weeks.

It's nearly 8:30. Am I packed? no. Did I eat breakfast? no. Am I dressed? no. Have I even figured out what I'm going to wear? no. Is Telephone going to kill me? maybe.

So, if a 12-hr decongestant goes through the washer and the dryer but is still in its little foil packet, think its still good? And, on another topic, can I freeze heavy whipping cream? I only needed half a cup, and it seems a shame to waste the rest of the carton.

pumpkin bread counts as a vegetable side dish, right?

Today, I tried to explain to Toa of Boy what a wedgie is. Homeschooling at its finest.

a blogging we will go, a blogging we will go, hi ho the derrie oh, a blogging we will go!

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