Thursday, December 09, 2010

Personal Proverbs 31

  • A wife with a gentle and sincere heart seems to be a rarity in today's society.
  • She is worth far more than those multi-karat diamond rings which commercials claim are the measurement of love.
  • Her husband can trust in her basic goodness, knowing that her words are rarely cutting and that her actions are intended for the benefit of her family. His life is enriched by her presence.
  • She is good and kind towards him, daily demonstrating her respect and confidence in his character and his abilities through her words and attitudes. She avoids sarcasm, criticism, and demeaning "teasing". Neither does she second-guess his choices or go behind his back on decisions.
  • Her life can easily be overloaded with activities and commitments, so she is careful what she agrees to and chooses wisely her involvements, praying about her decisions and constantly seeking only God's best for her and her family.
  • She plans healthy meals and snacks, and is frugal and discerning in her grocery shopping.
  • She avoids sleeping in, even though she could, but is instead intentional about getting up and utilizing her morning wisely. By doing so, she helps her family begin each of their days well, in peace and in health.
  • She is not frivolous in her spending, but deliberate and conscientious. She seeks to increase the family's purchasing power, not squander it away.
  • She is enthusiastic and motivated about her role and her calling, finding fulfillment and energy in the good works God has prepared in advance just for her. She is healthy, taking time to exercise and care for herself physically, because she knows her own welfare is very important.
  • She makes sure that the tasks she engages in are productive ones. She does not waste away her days on worthless diversions, nor does she let business keep her distracted from what is truly meaningful. Instead, she regularly reflects on and assesses how she is spending herself and keeps herself from getting burned out.
  • She knows the value of the gifts and talents God has given her, and she puts them to good use.
  • She is compassionate and actively seeks out ways to help those in need.
  • She is prepared in advance for both the immediate future and for the occasional contingency. Her household rarely needs to franticly scramble to get ready for an event, nor does a minor unplanned circumstance throw her life into a tailspin.
  • She takes care to outfit her home usefully and beautifully. She clothes herself tastefully and attractively.
  • The confidence her husband finds at home carries into his public and work life and he can become the man God created him to be.
  • Her efforts do not only benefit her family, but to her credit, they carry over to bless and benefit others as well.
  • She is confident, calm, and full of grace. She maintains a positive, joyful attitude even in the face of uncertainty.
  • She thinks before she speaks, guarding her tongue against malice, nagging, gossip, and ceaseless prattle. Instead, she desires her words to bring comfort, help, and encouragement to all those she interacts with.
  • She is involved with and knowledgeable about the activities and interests of her family members. She keeps track of schedules and appointments and special occasions. She is not passive about life, but engaged and pro-active.
  • Her children are well-behaved, polite, and considerate, learning good character traits from their rich home-life. When they are grown, they not only have many fond memories of their childhood, they tell others of the lessons and the values they learned from those experiences.
  • Her husband treats her as the priceless treasure which she is. She receives and recognizes his unique expressions of love.
  • Our society has turned womanhood into a House of Mirrors, and the images and perceptions of women presented by our world today are false and distorted. A woman's worth is not based on income, material possessions, a high-profile career, or conforming to an impossible appearance standard. No, a woman's true worth is found in her inner character, in her ability to love and do and give to others, in her spirit, in her preciousness in the eyes of God, and in the originality of the artful masterpiece she was created to be to the world.
P.S.--I can't honestly say that I have completely arrived at this. But this is what my heart desires.

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Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.