Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Toa of Boy has claimed (again) the space behind the corner chair in the living room as his fort.

He does this periodically. He'll claim the space, move a bunch of his toys into it, and spend several days crawling back there to play. Then he realizes that playing in a cramped foot and a half of space isn't that great, and he abandons the fort for months on end.

A little more or less than a year later, and he rediscovers his 'fort.'

Such happened today. Weapons were moved in. Pillows were moved in. A blanket was moved in. Stuffed guard dogs were moved in. A plastic banana was moved in. The fort was established.

At bedtime tonight, he draped another blanket between the back of the armchair and the stand of TV trays to form a tent over the fort. He took in his pillow from his bed, and informed me that he was ready for bedtime.

I asked him if he had brushed his teeth, verified that he had a pillow and a blanket back there, and gave the go ahead to sleeping in a tightly wedged ball of boy.

The Jedi came upstairs to tuck Toa in, and bedtime prayers were said to a stuffed arm chair. He did crawl back out for a hug.  I turned out the living room light, and left the room.

That was an hour ago. I'm assuming he's asleep back there.

If worse comes to worse, I know a great massage therapist ;)

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