Saturday, April 28, 2012

More about boys and forts

Toa of Boy has built another fort in a new location. This one is a sheet stretching from his desk, across the room to his bed. It's held in place by books and Awana trophies. Under the sheet his bed pillow is propped up against the wall with a couple smaller cushions on the floor in front of it. Two rows of stuffed animals line the entrance to the fort and an assortment of toys is squirreled away in the foot cubby under his desk.

Toa is quite proud of his new fort and enumerated for me the reasons his fort was a good fort. Here they are, quoted as accurately as I can remember them.

"One, it has a couch.

"Two, it has weapons, just in case.

"Three, it has a roof.

"Four, it has guards."

And once again, the fort must be slept in. This time at least there was room for a sleeping bag and for him to actually unfold his body and lay down. A big step up over the fort behind the living room chair.

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Anonymous said...

It must have been the week for forts. Noah and Daddy built one last night in the living room. It had six kitchen chairs, an assortment of blankets and came complete with a comfy bed made of couch cushions from the computer room couch. LOL