Thursday, May 10, 2012

Facebook Friday

If you're just tuning in, one of the functions of my blog is to serve as a way to document my life and my family. I'm trying to remember to grab a few of my facebook updates and collect them into one post once a week. "Trying" is, of course, the key word in that sentence.

Here we go, Here we go, to Camp Wallaballa.....

ok, I'm sewing this beautiful elven dress. (I'm using view A, the dress itself is cream crushed panne, the sleeves are a glimmering spring green netting). Here are my options, I can cut the sleeves out WITH the grain of the fabric and cut two pieces, front and back. This then leaves a seam running down the shoulder and top of sleeves. OR I can cut the sleeves out in ONE piece running AGAINST the grain of the fabric. This means no seam, but the sleeves don't drape as nicely. (The fabric isn't wide enough to cut the sleeve in one piece running with the grain.) Thoughts?

1. i think i hate sewing.
2. I cut *against* the grain, despite everyone who knew better telling me not too.
3. I am dreadfully, and for the first time ever in any sewing project, worried that this entire dress is going to be way too small when it's finished.

it's five till ten and i'm redesigning a dress pattern

most of my dress requires the use of cream colored thread, but parts require the use of a leaf green thread. over the past 24 hours, i have changed the thread in my machine more times than I can spit.

zippers are the spawn of satan. no wonder the amish shun them.

my bleepin zipper is bleepin backwards.

i ws going to leave it, but it looked's an invisible zipper, so the invisible part wound up on the inside, and the outside was a bunch of ugly zipper. Look like I was turning into the abomination.

I just found a Ghiradelli "Intense Dark: Midnight Reverie" bar in my fridge. Got dark chocolate and a seam ripper. My evening is looking up.

you know, elmers glue-all fries clear, and i am good at paper mache. surely theres some sewing application in there....

Zipper attempt number three. The only thing holding my sanity together (by a thread--ha ha), is that my mom used the seam ripper and carefully removed the zipper for me both times.

Ok---I'm hemming!!!

You all know I'm time challenged. Let's pretend I just put dough in the bread machine to make cinnamon rolls for tomorrow, and then realized that the dough will be ready to come out of the bread machine just as we need to leave for the Avenger's movie. Can I put the dough in the fridge? Should I just let it sit on the counter? I won't be able to roll it out and bake it till we get home.

Dress promised! After all that worry about it being too small, it wound up being a bit too big, but I didn't have time to take it in to get a perfect fit :(

it's 10:15. I'm too tired to do anything productive, but am waiting on bedtime till Susan and Ed are finished picking out their convention schedule. all i've sat here and done is click "like" on several status updates. i feel old. I should go play a game of solitaire next.

I'm too tired to do much of anything....except apparently look over the curriculum we'll be using next school year in eager anticipation! Here's a question, some of the curriculum we will be using is designed for a five day school week. We have a four day week at home, because Monday is a co-op day. I don't want to cut out a day of lessons every week, and I don't want to have one day of double-long lessons, AND I don't want to do just make up those co-op days earlier or later in the school year....because that drags our school year out WAY too much. Essentially, I want to have my cake and eat it too! How can I make that happen?

printed and am filling in the summer schedule. I've been told, in no uncertain terms, that our summer break has only 65 days....not the requisite 104 days of summer vacation!

What I learned tonight at Tae Kwon Do:
"Duck and cower" does not count as a trained combat reflex.

I have just unleashed a boy with a butterfly net upon the innocent and unsuspecting nature in the back yard. Forgive me, nature.

Tonight at Tae Kwon Do, I kicked the polish right off my toes!

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