Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things Mothers of Boys Say....

It's funny, because it's true....

Random collection of the things I have found myself saying over the past few weeks.

  • "Come get this head out from underneath the kitchen table."
  • "The tree branch is not coming in the house." 
  • "What did my couch ever do to you?"
  • "I want all the body parts in the hallway picked up and taken back to your room."
  • "Look out for the mud! Loo--- Take your shoes off before you get back in the van."
  • "Will you please rescue the skeleton trapped underneath the kitchen sink?"
  • "Tell me that the hamster made it back into the cage safely."
  • "Drop and give me twenty."
  • "Watch your fingers! Watch your fingers! Watchyourfingersfingersfingers----- Do you want me to get  some ice for your fingers?"
  • "Do NOT put that down your sister's shirt."
  • "Can the ice pirate come out of the freezer now?"
  • "Do I need to call your father?"
  • "Go SCRUB your hands...with SOAP!!!"
  • "So help me, if you ask me what's for dinner one more time..."
  • "Yes, you can sleep in your fort."
  • "You made that? By yourself? That's incredible!"
  • "You did an amazing job!"
  • "Way to stick with it!"
  • "You are so creative."
  • "You are so thoughtful."
  • "I'm so proud of what a gentleman you are becoming."
  • "Thank you for sticking up for your friend. His mother told me that it really meant a lot to him."
  • "You did the right thing and I'm proud of you."

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