Thursday, September 21, 2006

More quotes from FLYLADY

I had been copying and pasting a few flylady quotes into their own wp file...which I'll never read, but that at least gave me permission to DELETE the email.

Now I think I'll copy and paste them here...where they might be read.

What actually prompted me to write you today was the fact that I got
up this morning with my alarm. I've been apathetic in the morning,
and it takes away a lot of time from my day. I'm a SAHM, and I have
been sleeping in until a child wakes up. Each morning I set my alarm
for a time about 45 minutes before they usually wake, but when the
time came, I didn't want the comfort of the warm bed to end, so I
would turn off the alarm. I even told myself that I didn't want my
day to be any longer, which is a pretty sad thought, now that I think
about it. I've done this off and on for months, not even bothering
with the alarm some weeks.

Last night I told myself that I would try again, because you wouldn't
want me to give up. I told myself over and over as I drifted off to
sleep "no warmth of bed could compare to peace of mind". I was
thinking about the peace of mind I would get by doing some of my work
finished before the kids woke up. When the alarm went off this
morning I heard those words in my mind, and got up.
And of course, this one is relevent because I stay in bed till the last possible moment in the mornings. I like her little mantra.

And the self-critical voice says, "Why do you 'waste' so much time reading about what you should be doing, when you should be busy doing so many things?" This is why.

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