Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The wind made quite a stir.

There are many wonderful reasons we homeschool. There are many practical reasons we homeschool. But right now, I just want to rejoice in the fact that my primary job on this sunny fall day is to sit in a lawnswing on Sweetling's swingset with her and read, discusss, and create poetry together.

The wind made quite a stir
Kicking yellow brown leaves before it
Skipping through the tree tops
Flinging fall down on us.

In other news, an industrious spider had fashioned the most amazing web in our front yard. The web starts from the tip of the evergreen branch about four and half feet above the ground. It ran another five to six feet diagonally to attach to the tops of the daisy plants. It dropped to the grass in the middle as its third anchor point. And it filled the space with lace.

We noticed it on Sunday morning as we were leaving for church, pulling out of the driveway and the light caught on its strands. The other night, the Jedi mowed the lawn, and he very carefully did not mow the section between the evergreen and the daisies. The web has stood until today.

Today, Sweetling and I returned home from W.O.W. (Women on Wednesday...its my discussion and prayer group. Check out the book we're reading.) There was a single yellow leaf trapped in the web. Sweetling and I discussed why the spider would not be interested in the leaf as food (not even if it mistaked it for a katydid), and went inside. Later this afternoon, I noticed, and called Sweetling out to see, the spider had cut down her web, all but the first long diagonal from the tree to the daisies. I rather wish I had been able to watch her do that.

Sweetling and I discussed whether the spider might rebuild or move on. I hope she rebuilds.


Impossible Mom said...

Sorry I missed that you were blogging, but i'm here now and loving it. You throughts, like happy penguins, always dance through my mind and I cherish every day that has brought us together in friendship.

Chocolateer said...


Yeah, I didn't tell anyone I was blogging. Sneaky me. (Just like the Madagascar penguins...oh what heros they are to me.)

I LOVE your comment though. It just made my day!