Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holly Jolly

Its nearly 2 am. What should I be doing? Wrapping presents. No. Strike that. I ***should*** be sleeping. Or, if not sleeping, at least something fun if I'm up at 2am. But no, I'm wrapping presents. And I swear they keep multiplying. I think, just two more, and I'm finished, and then there's three more over there that I forgot about. So, I'm taking a short sanity break.

I need a character concept. No flash of inspiration has hit me. Normally, I start with a concept and a history, then add a name...then go crying to Bear or the Jedi to do the stats for me. But I'm doing something different this time (no, not my own stats....lets not get crazy...) I'm going to start with a sketch, cause lack of inspiration and all. If the add image thing works, I'll share them. If not you have to be ambitious and follow the link. I'm not even doing the cool link the word thing. Two AM remember.

neat little face

I lied. I'm doing the linky word thing.

long blond hair

eyes, pony tail, a bit too modern though

personality, serving girl dress

all right, i'm going to bed. I'll finish the presents tomorrow.

1 comment:

Impossible Mom said...

The modern one looks like Celeste....a little.

End up using any of them? and 2am present wrapping is just INSANE