Monday, December 04, 2006

Shalom bayit

This sentence popped out at me as I was reading through my Flymail.

One of the most important concepts for a Jewish wife/mother is her part in creating "shalom bayit", peace in the house.

I want to keep it so that I can think about it again. Oh, and about mornings, I think I'll ask the Jedi to simply not turn off his alarm in the morning. It takes me longer to find my way back to consciousness. Music is a nice bridge for that. His "alarm" is simply a radio station that we both like. I fall asleep to soft music, I wake up to joyful music with lyrics. I'll be awake in a timely manner, and I'll be in a good mood. I'll be awake before the Jedi leaves for the day, and I'll have time to shower at my own pace, instead of feeling rushed and behind. Its a win, win situation.

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Impossible Mom said...

I am such a morning person. I can wake up at 530, just to get some extra time to myself. So I can't relate to this, however...I can relate to sleeping through the alarm. too many years of haivng to ignore his 25 snoozes in the morning and I still have to have him wake me. I wish that I could get up when it went off, because it normally means I'm up later than I wish to be *sigh*