Monday, December 04, 2006


No one likes mornings. This is just an established fact.

Let me rephrase that. No one likes mornings when their mornings are only about obligations. Get up and get to work. Get up and get to class. Get up and get the kids cared for. Get up and get going.

Mornings that are slow, lazy, full of extra snuggles under the blankets... followed by lounging around in jammies drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book...and then a leasurely shower in warm water. Those are different kinds of mornings.

No one likes the first kind. Everyone wants the second kind.

I need a way to make my first kind of morning more like my second kind. I want to start my day with something pleasant. Not laying in bed till the absolute last minute, then getting up to rush through a shower, feeling guilty for all the things I *should* have already gotten done.

When you roll out of bed, throw on whatever is handy, somewhat brush your hair, make an attempt at slapping on some lipstick and throwing on whatever shoes you see, is not the way to start your day off feeling as though you can conquer the world. When you lay out your clothes the night before, have an established morning routine for fixing your hair and make up and then pamper yourself by putting on a favorite piece of jewelry that doesn't get worn often, a spritz of perfume that you love, you will feel totally different when you walk out of the bathroom stepping into a new day.

I'm not sure this is totally the answer. But it might be a start. The first half is definitely some of what I'm struggling with. The quote is from Flylady. (Do I ever quote anything else here? No, because the other source I might quote requires typing the quote from my book into the blog. And that's like, gasp, work.)

Anyway, I want to wake up with the Jedi. I want to share some of my morning with him. But, I don't hear the Jedi's alarm. (and when I vaguely notice it, it doesn't enter my consciousness enough to wake me). And I definitely don't want to ask the Jedi to wake me up. I know how difficult I am to bring to consciousness, and that wouldn't be a fair request to burden him with.

So, where does that leave me? Sleeping in and feeling like a slob in the morning.

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