Thursday, March 08, 2007

My turn

Gaming is cancelled for tomorrow night. Which makes that Friday night become a date night for me and the Jedi. On Fridays, after Sweetling goes to bed, we take turns picking what we want to do together. Tomorrow night its my turn. I really want to watch Firefly, but know he isn't going to go for that until we wrap up a series that we're already watching. So, something else. Hmmmm....

Today was such a much better day than yesterday. Yesterday, after I posted about the dishwasher, I decided to get the vacuuming done for the week. I don't *think* I sucked anything up with the vacuum cleaner, but it suddenly started making a horrible clicking noise. I only had the school room left to vacuum though, so I went ahead and tried to quickly vacuum the school room. I bumped the closet door (which was partly open) with the vacuum and knocked it off its track again. I don't remember what we had for dinner. It might have been leftovers because I didn't want to risk cooking. We were late for church. And my shoulder, which has been inexplicably sore recently was just plain hurting by that night. I took two motrin, but had a hard time sleeping because no matter how I laid, my shoulder throbbed in discomfort.

So, to sum up, yesterday was bad. Today was good.

Today, I got my freezer cleaned out, had a great day of school with Sweetling. We made moon craters by filling a cake pan with 8 cups of flour, sprinkling 1/4 cup of cocoa on top, and then dropping small balls and pebbles into the pan. Sweetling then measured the diameter and depth of the craters. It made a wonderfully awesome mess. And of course, a crater had to be made with the fist as well. While Sweetling changed her flour and cocoa covered clothes and washed her hands and feet (yes...she was that covered), I swept and mopped the kitchen floor for the third time this week. We did math brain teasers via email. I emailed Sweetling the problem, she sat at the computer in her bedroom and worked it out then emailed me her solution. While she did that, I found FIVE count them FIVE brand new crockpot recipes that I think all three of us will actually eat and enjoy. Yes, yes, this totally IS a major accomplishment. If you doubt me, I'm make you help me plan next month's dinner menus.

This afternoon, we left for the store at 3:40. I got three weeks worth of food for $180, including a couple of pricier meats. We got through the checkout and back home and had all the perishables put away AND fed Sweetling a quick snack AND STILL made it to Tae Kwan Do by 5:15. Of course, that's also because the Jedi showed up at 5 when we were just starting to unload groceries and totally saved the day. Sweetling is now signed up for six months of twice weekly lessons. She is extremely excited. I really liked the instructor, and her class was a small class, but had a range of ages and ability levels in it. (Including two little girls smaller than Sweetling who have a yellow and a red belt). The class ended with sparring. I don't know how typical that is of a kids martial arts class, but there it was. Sweetling is eager to try it. The Jedi was also all about her getting signed up. Mommy was wistfully remembering Cincinnati Gymnastics.

Now its 7:50. Sweetling's bath time is in ten minutes. I need to put the non-perishable groceries away, and I think I still have a load of whites in the dryer that need put away. I also have a day's worth of Breaking Free to read and respond to. (still on photocopied pages *sigh*). The Jedi is hooking a computer up in the living room that will run all the media electronic stuff through Windows Media.

He came home last night with the book America's Cheapest Family. Which, after I had broken everything we owned, seemed well timed. I had also spent a bit of the afternoon checking out cool online clothing just for fun. If I had the money to burn, I could drop hundreds of dollars into clothing every month. Hundreds. I don't. In fact, the last article of clothing I purchase were a pair of $8 brown cords at Steve & Berry's in January. Before that I dropped nearly ninety on a new bra. It was totally worth every penny of that money. So, online clothes browsing is truly window shopping in every sense of the word. I try to make Christopher Robin look at all the cool things I find, but she still hasn't gone for it. She did go bra shopping with me though, so that counts.

The dishwasher, by the way, worked just fine for the Jedi.


lushgurl said...

Good morning Chocolateer! Are you sure that you're not me, but in a different country, with different family??? LOL
In one week, last year my toaster quit, my blow dryer 'blew up', my computer got a virus AND I broke my CD player!!!
Glad to hear things are better now.
UMMM what is a 'date'- the word sounds vaguely familiar....

Impossible Mom said...

I told you crockpot recipes were easy to find online :P hehe

Glad you get a date nite, hope it goes well.

and no, I won't look at the dresses THBBBBTTTTTTT

Impossible Mom said...

so...what WAS your choice? We wanna know!

Vaya The Elf said...

Hey you.
Sorry have not been on. Will explain on my blog soon.

lushgurl said...

Ummm, gurl's it going?
We all want to hear about your date!
Oh and belated 'Happy St. Patty's day'!
love and hugs to you

lushgurl said...

I sure hope this works...

Oh Balls...I tried to send you a smiley face, but I guess it doesn't work for commenting!!!

Anyway...HI !!!

vaya_the_elf said...

Hey! Birthday girl. You need to post something about your b-day which is today *smiles*