Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Talking Teeth and Broken Appliances

Sweetling is trying her best to put the tooth fairy out of business. She's lost and is growing in teeth that the dentist said doesn't usually happen till they are eleven. She's well past the teeth replacements that happen to the typical seven and eight year olds. For the last few months, every time I look at her, she has her hand in her mouth wiggling a tooth. This last tooth, an upper canine, has been loose for a while now. A long while. Sweetling, in exasperation, asked *when* was this tooth going to come out? This was not the first time the question had been asked. Having moved beyond the standard 'when its ready' responses, over the weekend, I told her that if she were really quiet, she could hear the tooth whispering to God about when it was going to be ready to come out. Now, don't judge me yet. In my defense, Sweetling is a bright eight year old, and could tell I was just kidding. But, we've been having fun with this. Now the game is, I have to lean very close to her mouth so that I can listen to what the tooth is saying and repeat it in a murmured little 'tooth' voice.

Yes. A tooth voice.

Sweetling thinks this is the funniest game in the world. She is amused and delighted and thrilled by this game. Last night teeth brushing went like this:

Sweetling: "Try to hear what my tooth is saying now."

Tooth: "I'm wiggling."

Sweetling: "Listen again."

Tooth: "I'm wiggling."

Sweetling: "Is it saying anything about when its going to come out?"

Tooth: "I'm love wiggling."

Then I had to listen to the tooth while she was rinsing out the toothpaste. Maybe the toothpaste rinse would bring the tooth to its senses.

Sweetling: "Mmmm?"

Tooth: "I'm wet."

Water went everywhere.

Sweetling: "Listen again."

Tooth: "I'm wet and cold."

More hysterics and spraying water.

Sweetling: "Sorry about the mirror, Mommy."

Today listening to the tooth resulted in "Sorry about the saliva in your hair, Mommy."

In other news, yesterday we had the oven repaired to the tune of $172. And we also had cable switched from lifeline (which we only had because it came with cable internet) to basic cable. This was done so that Sweetling and the Jedi could have access to more documentaries on the history channel, learning channel, discovery channel and so on.

Saturday I went to Christopher Robin's and the Bear's house for movie night. I should have said CR and the Bear. (Get it, get it? CJ and the Bear? I'm so clever.) Sweetling was excited, because Mommy's absence meant she and the Jedi got to hang out that night and watch Nova episodes on tape. They watched the first part of a two part thing, and watched the second part on Monday. Then they decided that Mommy should be a part of this family time on Monday night. So Sweetling came in to ask me what documentary I wanted to watch with them. Once Mommy got involved, we wound up watching "The Tick".

My laundry is caught up, my bathroom is clean. My dishes are put away....BUT...

see, I told you my stories always involved that conjunction.

After I had emptied the dishwasher, I noticed a great deal of water still in the bottom of the dishwasher. I checked the dial, and its gone all the way through its little cycle. I'm pretty sure it doesn't usually have water in it, cause occasionally I have to retreave plastic lids and spoons that have made there way down there to die. So, being the mechanically inclined person that I am, I slid my fingers around the base of the big round thing. I found a paper label that had wedged itself down there and got that out. I slid my fingers around again, and this little doo-hicky came out. It looks like...well... remeber the little stoppers in squirt guns? It looks like a tiny one of those. I slid my fingers around again, cause the water was still there, and I found two more doo-hickies. They didn't seem to be attached to anything, they were just wedged down there. I don't know if they were supposed to be there, or if they came off something else. So, now my sink has a few dirty dishes in it, my dishwasher has two inches of water in it, and I have three doo-hickies lined up on my kitchen counter.

Last week I broke the closet door in the school room. The Jedi fixed it, and never said a word. I'm thinking he might not be too pleased with my doo-hicky story though. I'm contemplating running the dishwasher through a quick cycle before he comes home just to see what will happen. Maybe all the water will drain out after all.

Maybe I'll just go back to listening to teeth.


lushgurl said...

Oh my ! Talking teeth...and I thought I was -nut- I mean creative!! You have such a great relationship with Sweetling. I'm thinking about maybe knockin' out a couple of Angels teeth so I can see if they talk LOL


Vaya The Elf said...

Honestly the tooth thing does not surpise me at all. Just means thing have not changed much.

As for the dishwasher good luck *smiles*. Ed is so funny. Seeing you and him together is even more funny.

You have cable? Never thought that would happen at all.

The Maven said...

Listening to teeth, you do well. Breaking appliances and doors, you also do well.

I might just be a little bit jealous of how adept you are at the things you do.

Just a little, though.