Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tae Kwon Do

First, Mom's recovery is going much slower than anticipated. They're thinking maybe a blood transfusion is in order. They had her back on oxygen this morning. She was able to eat a little bit at lunch, and she was a bit more awake and aware this afternoon than she had been all morning.

Second, I'm in total need of a mental break. Smurf needs one more though, so I can't complain too much.

Third....also called "In other news"

This is Sweetling's second week of Tae Kwon Do. When she was little, I have to confess I was really hoping she would take a liking to gymnastics. I even enrolled her in gymnastics for a year or so at Cincinnati Gymnastics. It was never her thing though. We've since tried swimming and soccer....but what Sweetling is really excited about is this.

You go girl.

In other, other news, I had a great, great birthday this Tuesday. Bear pointed out that he thought fey creatures like myself don't age. We might not age. We certainly don't grow up. But we *do* have birthdays. Why? Cause birthdays are awesome excuses to have everything just the way we want it for a *whole* day. It's like a magic phrase. Merely utter "but it's my birthday" on calendar date for which it holds true, and reality itself shifts to your whim.

Sweetling assembled ingredients for the crock pot dinner for the day, then we went and picked up Smurf. Smurf treated us to an awesome Japanese restaurant called Mei for lunch. Then we went to the Krohn conservatory with cameras and sketch books and took pictures and did sketches for the entire afternoon. We left there and went to Sweetling's Tae Kwon Do lesson, which Smurf got a kick out of watching. (I'm so very clever). Dinner at home, which mother and of course the Jedi joined us for. We all played Cranium Cadoo...which like Cranium is basically an excuse to do silly things together. I opened presents (a pink pegasus Webkinz which I named Phoebe, a book of Akiane's art, and all seven seasons of Malcolm in the Middle episodes.) Then we had ice cream together. After Sweetling's bath, she helped me adopt Phoebe and showed me around the Webkinz world.

See, I told you reality shifts for me on my birthday :)


Impossible Mom said...

I wish my birthdays went that well! Glad to hear you had a good day before the chaos.

lushgurl said...

Happy Belated Birthday love... sounds like a pretty good day for you!

I am also going to tag you (again!) this should be fun for you (it's easy too) you need to list seven songs that you enjoy, then pass the tag on to seven others! Have fun!