Monday, August 27, 2007

Flora and Fauna

Background Info:
--On Mondays we have a pretest of the week's spelling words. If she gets a 90% or more, she doesnt have to do any worksheets for the week. We just write down the words she missed on a 'sticky' note and tack it to the wall. On Friday's we test all the stickies (and the words for the week, if she got less than 90% on the pretest).
--Each day, she lets one of her nine and teen webkinz have a special day. That webkinz joins us for school and goes everywhere with her that day.
--Today was Monday. Ergo spelling pretest and also Stompy the Hippo's special day.

Me (reading the spelling word and the prefab sentence from the teacher's guide): "Fauna. Poets often use the word fauna when writing about animal life in nature. Fauna."

Sweetling: What's fauna?

Me: "animal life in nature" (cause I'm so clever that way). You know, ...the flora and fauna of the forest bespoke my secret heart...

Sweetling: Stompy is covering his ears, which is very smart.

In other news, I'm not doing AHG next year. I haven't told Telephone yet. I was *going* to tell her today, cause we were going over to her house in the afternoon to watch high school musical 2. But, yeah. We got there, we started the movie right away, and Telephone had to scoot out RIGHT after the movie to get her boy to his soccer game. So.

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