Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Snips, snails, sugar, and spice

We dropped the Jedi off at work this morning because the drum brakes on his car have fused to something and are being stubborn. Anyway, I turned the wrong way coming out of his work, forgetting that I wanted to take the back roads to avoid the highway construction. "Shoot," says I.

"Shoot," says Little Guy.

"Mommy," says Sweetling, "you need to watch your language around small children."

"Shoot," says Little Guy.

"You're right," says I as I turn the car around. "I should be more careful."

"Shoot," says Little Guy. "Shoot, shoot, shoot."

Now, I'd like to point out that this word was, in fact, "shoot," and not another variation thereof.

In other news, we've started school, so expect more computer time from me. I also have two yummy containers of Heggy's hot fudge in the fridge. (And a Webkinz chocolate lab named Heggy....for those of you who are Webkinz challenged, that makes my third...all of them gifts from Sweetling, who now has 19. Nine and teen.)

The airconditioning in the house has died. After running for nearly two weeks straight because we had days that were ranging in the high 90s to low 100s with 90% humidity and nights that barely got below 80, our air conditioner has finally died.

More stories later. Going to pick up Sweetling's good friend....who has yet to be blog named. That's like a special Christening ritual. Blognaming.

Or an old norse ritual. It has the consonents for that.

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