Thursday, August 23, 2007

What were you thinking, Mommy?

Sweetling, in theory, starts school at 7:30 am. Little Guy, in theory, sleeps later...then wakes up and watches a PBS show. At 8:30, in theory, the tv goes off, and everyone goes to the kitchen for breakfast and devotions. (Though for Sweetling, its a morning snack, cause she eats breakfast with daddy before school.)

So, at 8:30 today, I went it to turn off the TV and collect Little Guy for devotions and breakfast. He was watching Little Einsteins on Playhouse Disney. Now, the thing with turning off the TV is that you have to do it AFTER the closing credits of the last show but BEFORE the "stay tuned" clips for the next show. Mommy, who is timing challenge, loses at this precision based task quite often. So he caught enough to know that Mickey's Playhouse was next. "Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse please Mommy?"

Now, I'm pretty sure that he has never watched Mickey Mouse since coming home with us. I don't know how he even knows who Mickey Mouse is. But, I...being the great educator that I am...immediately decided that Little Guy absolutely needed to be familiar with Mickey Mouse. That's like foundational American culture and history there. I said as much. It totally counts for school for Little Guy. Sweetling, who had wondered into the room, was looking at me like I might be an alien in disguise.

I brought Little Guy his breakfast at the table in the living room. (Breakfast, by the way, was pink eggs on toast with green juice. Hooray for food coloring. Yesterday it was green eggs and pink juice.) Sweetling is still staring at me. Finally she says. "I can't believe you're doing this. What were you thinking, Mommy?"

I then proceeded to remind the little girl of the number of times we suspended regular lessons for any of a number of creative projects...the most recent was an entire webkinz village made out of boxes and paper grocery bags decorated with tissue paper. This consumed the whole afternoon and took up the entire floor of the game room. She challenged me to name another time. Here was the very incomplete list I rattled off. Maybe tonight or tomorrow, I can get Sweetling to help me add to it.

--a spaghetti restaurant for advarks complete with dishes, play food, menus, drinks, tablecloth, and of course, aardvarks.
--beds for cyberworms and paper clothes for the cyberworms to wear
--a pet sitting business
--multiple lunch time diners
--inumerable paper puppets drawn, cut out, and attached to popsicle sticks
--math word problems that develop into 90 minute imagination games with fisher price people
--Cyberchase marathons
--Fetch marathons
--Jo Jo circus marathons

Now, its just gotten unnaturally quiet. Mommy senses are tingling. Have to find Little Guy.

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