Saturday, August 18, 2007

Penguin, Mommy, Penguin!

I just need to make note of the fact that if a penguin is spotted anywhere, in any format, whichever of my children has spotted it (or both if they are together) immediately start crying "Penguin, Mommy! Penguin!" This earnest plea is repeated frantically until I drop whatever I am doing and come running to see the penguin. Tears occur if I don't make it in time. Cause they love me.

Little Guy has legos. He loves the legos. He is discovering certain engineering principles the hard way. Rather, certain engineering principles are demanding to be taken into account, despite how much Little Guy whines or gets frustrated when his towers break apart. There are whimpers coming out of his bedroom now. He wants an exact lego duplicate of his fisher price castle. Now, his a tiny bit used to handing me a crayon and a piece of paper and having me draw any cartoon character or other object that he names. He doesn't understand why he can't hand me a bunch of legos and say "Dinosaur, Mommy." Mommy therefore should build a dinosaur, right? Wrong. Mommy tells him that I am not the Lego engineer he is looking for.

Sweetling is wearing her hair in pigtails today. This is significant cause its the first time she's worn pigtails, ponytails, or braids since getting her hair cut to donate to Locks of Love.

I need a new wall paper. I'm tired of the unfinished Richard and Fawn sketch. And no, the solution to this is *not* to finish the sketch. Foolish mortal.

Chocolate bars left in the van in the summer time melt.

Also, I should get xp or drama points for walking out to my van *all by myself* last night after Smurf subjected me to the movie "Perfume".

How long do chocolate bars need to stay in the fridge before they become edible? And, should I do anything about the tears in Little Guy's room over the legos? He hasn't asked for help. Mommy instincts say go in and make it all better. My brain tells me not to be a helicopter mom and to let him try to work it out himself. The rest of me just says go get the chocolate bar and a straw.

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Impossible Mom said...

The point is to finish it, even if we never play the characters again. Just finish it in your own time, which means, before you die. ;)