Monday, June 01, 2009

Comlete Your Draft Contest!

I just need to stop visiting Nora's blog. This is why.

The thing that makes it super super tempting is...

A) This contest is half the length of NaNo.
B) This contest is in June, not in the middle of the school year.

Just walk away, Xuan. Turn off the computer, and walk away.

25,000 words. That's half of NaNo. What else am I doing in June?

Ok, official ruling. I'm invoking a rule that all ENFPs should follow. Do NOT, repeat NOT, sign up, jump in, begin, or in any way commit to a new endeavor until you have thought about it for at least a week. If, at the end of the week, it's still something you want to do, then you may join. But likely, by the time a whole week is passed, the ENFP will be enamored with something else.

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