Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New June Resolutions

Crappy Title. So sue me.

They aren't New Years Resolutions. They are June Resolutions. Here they go.

1. Get up before seven. (Yes, those of you who know me know that this was also a New year's resolution. Yet here it is again.P)

2. Stretch.

3. Weigh self. (just 10 lbs. If I could lose 10 lbs and keep it off, I'd be happy.)

3a.If its STILL before seven (ha ha)...get in the shower. Otherwise...

4. Do dishes and get a shower when Mom is out.

5. Devotions and breakfast.

6. Sometime during the day take 20 minutes to play an active wii game. I don't have wii fit, so this will have to do for a daily exercise.

7. Sometime during the day take 15 minutes to declutter one closet or storage area. (This is just a summer goal. Not a school year goal.)

8. Drink water. I think I'm better about not getting the munchies during the day when I'm constantly drinking glasses of water.

9. Follow the No- S diet. (No snacks, extra sweets, or seconds except on days that start with S).

10. Cut evening hot chocolate to 6 oz. Thats enough to feel happy and its still trimming a tiny, tiny bit of calories out.

That won't lose me 10 pounds overnight. That wont even lose me 10 pounds in a month. But it maybe will be enough for a slow loss. Likewise, it won't get my house clean and organized in a week, but maybe by the end of the summer. Maybe.

Here's how I'm doing today on each of those things:
1. No.
2. No.
3. 120.8
4. yes.
5. yes
6. Sadly, I think Happy Feet isn't quite active enough to count as exercise.
7. I put away groceries, does that count?
8. 3 glasses
9. No-S Caved and bought a Twix bar. Ate half of it.
10. Had nutty bars with kids at church so skipped hot chocolate.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

120.8 is the current weight or the goal?

I'm 5'5", if I weighed that all would ask if I was well. I'm currently on a health regime also. Have lost 12 lbs. Still have 22 to go. Just goes to show how different body types are at their healthiest at different weights. I'm keeping the goal of true health; weight loss is just a nice side effect.

Although completely shaped differently due to 5 children in six years, I am 3 lbs away from my wedding day weight! 9 lbs away from where I was when I met my husband. But, feeling MUCH healthier than I was back then.

More power to ya, my friend,
Many Blessings,