Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook, July 13th

FOR TODAY (Monday, July 13th, 11:43 am)...

Outside my window...Sweetling, Pinkie, and Toa of Boy are playing on the swingset. The sand box has become a weed box. The 6 foot tall (no joke) orange tiger lilies have finished blooming and now their stalks are beginning to dry and will soon need pulled up.

I am thinking...of rearranging the school room. The main purpose behind this is to move my desk so that I am sitting right beside the window. Last winter, I didn't use the school room at all through the months of January and February, because it just felt too dark and cold. Granted, moving the desk beside the patio doors wont make the area any warmer, but I think with a space heater I should be fine, as long as I'm sitting in sunlight. The catch in this plan is that I think the computer network jacks are in the absolute opposite corner from the corner I'd like my desk to sit in. So, while I say *I* would like to rearrange the furniture, really, what it will come down to is the Jedi reconfiguring the computer set up.

I am thankful much the Jedi appreciates me and how often he expresses that appreciation.

From the learning rooms...the boxes of curriculum started to arrive on Thursday. I don't have the school room ready for the new curriculum to go on the shelves, so the boxes are stacked beside the front door for now. In the school room, I have no less than 6 other boxes in which I am "in the process" of packing away last years books and papers. Some books get shipped back to k12. Some go to the garage for storage to be dumped on my poor children when they reach adulthood and have a house of their own. Some are 'portfolio' quality and need to be put in a three ring binder/portfolio.

From the kitchen...Sweetling and Pinkie made French Toast all by themselves this morning. I didn't even go upstairs to check on them. They also, so I've been told, completely cleaned up the dishes and the pans that they used.

I am of the new outfits I bought last month shopping with Telephone and her daughter. Its a white sleeveless top with little wooden beads sewn around the neckline. The short skirt is white with a brown, tan, and grey flower print on three tears of ruffles.

I am creating...a cool learning environment. Well, I will be, as soon as I get these boxes out of here. If the budget will allow it, I'd like to get some cans of silver spray paint to cover the short black school shelves. We have several placemat sized world maps and US maps that could be fixed to the top of one of the shelves as a neat top surface. Then, since I'm crazy, I'm thinking of doing a paper mache project to make the planets in the solar system to hang from the ceiling.
Other than that, I'm creating a lot of dirty tissues cause my allergies are just driving me crazy today.

I am Boonshoft Museum of Discovery on Wednesday with Vaya. And if I could come up with a way to tag a couple more short prepositional phrases onto that sentence, I would. Just to do it.

I am reading...The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle, which I picked up a few weeks ago at a library used book sale. Also, the Jedi and I are leading a Sunday school class for couples using the books For Men Only and For Women Only.

I am hoping...that my school desk really can go in the corner by the patio door.

I am hearing...the washer and dryer, the faint hum of the fan at the top of the stairs, the fainter music of DragonTales in the livingroom (Toa of Boy came in from playing after he dropped a large rock on his foot. I put a bandage over the scrape, and now he's watching PBSkids.) Outside, I can just hear the birds chirping and the cicadas cycling and Sweetling's voice directing her and Pinkie's imaginary play.

Around the house...boxes. More boxes. Bags of clothes to give away. Bags of clothes given to us. Clean laundry on my bed and dirty laundry in baskets.

One of my favorite things...summer. Despite the fact that I'm still working on decluttering and organizing my house. Despite the fact that I didn't get any scrapbooking done this summer. Despite the fact that nearly every weekend has been super busy. Despite the fact that we start school in two-and-a-half weeks, summer is still one of my all time favorite things. The long, warm, sunny, unscheduled days of summer are an absolute delight.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

I'm going to carry boxes out to the garage today and look through my binders to see if I have any on hand which can be portfolios. I'm going to (shudder) try to straighten out the school supplies on shelves under the stairs and in plastic drawers under my desk so that I can make a list of what we need for next year. There's an elder's meeting tonight that the Jedi will be attending, so the kids and I will head to blockbusters to pick out a movie.

Speech, grocery shopping, and Tae Kwon Do.

Boonshoft Discovery Museum with Vaya. We're packing lunches for a picnic on the grounds. Maybe the Jedi can move my computer desk that evening.

Speech and dentist appointments and Tae Kwon Do.

Rearranging the rest of the school room furniture and unpacking the boxes sitting by the door.

Tae Kwon Do belt testing. Maybe the Dayton Air Show, depending on what time we get done with . The Jedi and I both donated blood this past Saturday so we could each get two free tickets.

Either the annual Tae Kwon Do picnic OR the Dayton Air Show.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

No picture thoughts. The memory card in my camera died and I lost the pictures of our expedition to pig island.
But check out this cool youtube video.

And, cool resource to keep in mind....Nature Journals.

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