Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WFMW bookmarks

Things I want to try, so I don't have to track the link back down later:

prayer notebook

rockin green laundry detergent

saving on hand soap with a rubber band

blogging tips

Webkinz (not that I need a Webkinz commercial, but I like her points)

duct cleaning. My allergies have been going non-stop for over a year now. I'm desperate, desperate for some clean air.

homemade laundry detergent... this is always a question of time vs expense....I like that she has a price breakdown on her ingredients and how much it made for her.
ooo...and a free ebook on homemade laundry soap

just say yes to sleepovers

book titled the house that cleans itself

leftover buns cause I hate throwing them away after they've gone stale and moldy on top of the fridge

for Vaya in a year or so... glad place mats

mmmm....frozen hot chocolate

garage cleaning and organizing

classroom teacher gift ideas. This doesn't apply to me, but she hit the nail on the head, so I have to link her.

child boogie labor on floors

reusable bags for library books.

Kid Vantage club....WOW! Check this out!!! (The Jedi says, very matter of factly, "they are going to take a bath on that.")

Listerine bugspray

organizing little girl pretties. Not that my girl is little or uses these sorts of things. But I can pretend that it might pertain.


Nora MacFarlane said...

Listerine bugspray? Hmmmm.

BTW: WTFW stunned me. I'm pretty sure what you meant and what popped into my head are NOT the same thing. whew.

Chocolateer said...

Yeah, dyslexics should stay away from abbreviations like that. I fixed the letter order now so that it actually stands for Works for Me Wednesday.

Christi said...

Be careful with the duct cleaning because depending on your duct work, it can be very easy to tear. I have also heard that it doesn't improve things for long.

We use some fairly thick filters that can be vacuumed or rinsed out. Hubby is an electrician but also has some kind of air conditioning license (I don't remember what kind exactly). Anyway, you want to be careful that you aren't restricting the air flow too much because that can mess up the system.