Friday, January 01, 2010

Blog Year in Review

Forty-five minutes after the ball has dropped, Toa of Boy and Mama are in bed. Sweetling is on her compter giggling at HomeStar Runner. The Jedi is on his computer searching for a PC version of an old Commadore game. And I'm on my new netbook under my new penguin blanket bloggiing.

This is how this works. For each month of last year, post the first sentence written on your blog for each month. Then post here, and let me know so I can come read too :) I forget whose blog I saw this on first. Maybe tomorrow I'll search and see if I can find it.

Why are resolutions yucky?

I think I'm supposed to be sharing this Sunday in the women's Bible study.

I am thinking... that the Jedi and I have scared three of the youth boys into eternal bachelorhood after last night's class about marriage and communication.

I feel like I should start by saying that I'm not at all a Bible scholar.

Because I just did math with Honey Bunny.

I just need to stop visiting Nora's blog.
At Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, they do a thing called week in review.
It's August already.

I am....sitting at the park.

Simple Woman's Daybook....cause I need to get back into blogging.

Toa of Boy likes to look at artwork produced by other young children.

Place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X from the ones you have not, then tag your friends (including me).

In other happenings....
New Year's Resolutions
1. Read therough the Bible in a year. (I've successfully done this before using The One Year Chronological Bible,)
2. Write 250 words a day, except Sundays. Doesn't matter what or where I write. Some of it can be on my blog, some of it can be for Associated Content, some of it can be in a word program. Just write. (Or, alternatively, I can also take a day to revise anything I have written.)

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Holly@aiminghigh said...

Hey! I just did this on my blog today. Although it ended up pretty blank considering the last blog entry I did was in July. :P
Many Blessings,