Monday, January 04, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Monday, Jan 4, 10:42 pm.

Outside my window...its a whole new world of cold out there. I opened the patio door a little after seven this morning to toss some crackers out for the squirrels and every joule of heat in the air around me was immediately sucked away. There is no snow to speak off, only tiny little flecks that have not really formed far enough past the basic ice crystal state to qualify has a snowflake. There is just enough of them in the air to swirl around in the bitter wind to sting eyes and face. I was outside for a second time this morning to carry library books to the car for Mama. I looked up once to see a swarm of snow's more sinister cousin come swirling off my neighbor's roof during a gust of wind. I hustled my shivering body back inside.

I am thinking....we're likely driving back up to Canton today. The Jedi's mother was going to give us a call this morning with an update on Dad's condition. Here's what needs done today:
--pack clothes for me and the kids.
--pack the bathroom bag?
--pack Toa's school books
--pack Sweetling's school books
--make a list of easy menus I can cook up in Canton
--make a grocery list and check Meijer's sale flier for the groceries I need
--go to Meijer and/or Walmart to get some of the shopping done before the drive
Sweetling has just finished her math for the day, and Toa is just now finishing up phonics. The laundry is done and folded, so we're off to a good start.

I am thankful for...a good and gracious God who hears our prayers.

Toa is finished with his phonics worksheets. I'm off to start packing.

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