Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Forgot my Devotion Journal

My devotional journal is at home. I am not. Therefore, once again, you few readers get another exciting glimpse into my devotional time.

thankful for--
<3 a SAFE trip last night
<3 being here for the Jedi's mom
<3 the Jedi is visiting with his dad right now
<3 kids are heading out to play in the snow
<3 well heated van
<3 reading the Love & Respect book with the Jedi
<3 a good night's sleep

Readings: GENESIS 15:1-17:27 and thoughts:
--Abram counted as righteous because of his faith, always one of my favorite concepts
--the sins of the Amorites do not yet warrant their destruction...during Abram's time, their were priests of the Most High God among some of the people in the land. Yet, all the people would eventually become so vile, they would warrant their own destruction.
--Sarai gets a bad rap. God's first promise was just to Abram. Sarai wasn't included in that promise, so I don't think she acts in disobedience, or with a lack of faith, when she presents Hagar to Abram.
--The God who Sees Me.

In other news, lessons I'm learning in my mother-in-laws kitchen:
--boxes of spaghetti in the cabinet above the stove might be open. Be careful how you remove them when your rumaging for cereal in the morning.
--not all plastic stirring spatulas are heat resistant.
--step stools are your friend
--toasters must be plugged in before they will actually toast bread

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