Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cincinnati Dayscapes: Big Red Bag Book Sale!

Say that five times fast.

This week, there is a used book sale at the Main Library downtown.

On Friday, June 11, they have what is called a bag sale. For $10, you can purchase a jumbo plastic shopping bag and stuff the thing with books and books and books. You may purchase as many $10 jumbo bags of books as you like, but be careful...its very, very addicting. There is a large number and a large variety of books to choose from, from children's books to non-fiction books, to adult fiction, to craft name it.

The library opens at 9 am, and I would recommend arriving before opening. My favorite place to park is on nearby East Court Street, between Main and Walnut. There are many diagonal parking spaces there (I can't parallel park), and the meters are good for 2 hours and cost 2 dollars. Just be sure to set a phone or watch alarm to go off 15 minutes before your meter expires. You don't want to lose track of time browsing through tables upon tables of books and risk a parking ticket!

Also, while the parking on Court Street is within easy walking distance of the library, its not such an easy trek back to your car with two heavy bags full to bursting with books. When we went last year, the kids and I stayed with the books outside the library, and the Jedi brought the van around to load it up. Of course, if you have strapping teenage boys, you can load them up instead ;) But whatever you do, put some forethought into how you will get your treasury of books from the library to your vehicle.

Happy Book Hunting!

ps---If you are wondering why the title of this post includes "Cincinnati Dayscapes", please read the first two paragraphs of my last post.

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