Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cincinnati Dayscapes: Parcours Anyone?

This post is a result of a conversation I had in my church hallway with my Signing Friend. (On a side note, aren't prepositions amazing little things when you really stop and think about it?)

My Signing Friend stopped me and asked me what was up with this whole blog thing of mine she was reading about on Facebook. So I explained what I was doing with the whole Making Memories idea and why. She thought that was an awesome idea. She also said she'd really like specific ideas for day trips in and around our area.

So, here's the first of my Cincinnati Day Trips...or Day Escapes....thus the extraordinarily clever title of Dayscape. See, inventiveness like that is exactly why I'm pulling in the big dough as a free lance writer. (I'm not by the way, in case you thought for a momment I was.)

Winton Woods has a great parcours fitness trail.

The trail itself makes for a very pleasant, well-shaded nature walk through the forest. (Well-shaded is a very important adjective during the heat of summer.) The activity stations along the trail are spaced just far enough apart that they provide a welcome diversion for active children.

The stations catered to a variety of different exercises and challenges and would appeal to teenagers and older kids as well. (In fact, there were a few stations that our little guys couldn't do at all, but they still had fun climbing around on equipment.)

We've been on this particular trail twice now...once a few years ago with the Incredibles (plus Pinky), and once with the Jedi as a family on Memorial Day. The trail has a short and a long option, but I highly recommend the long option. Its not too long, even the preschooler handled it without any trouble. Both times we've taken waterbottles, and I highly recommend that as well. Nothing kills the enjoyment of a walk more than a thirsty, grumpy hiker. When we walked with the Incredibles, some light snacks, like pretzel sticks, were packed and consumed at some point along the trail.

When we went recently with the Jedi, we were looking for a nice after dinner activity for the family. I wanted to go on a hike, and Toa of Boy wanted to go to a park to play on a playground. So, we compromised and went along the parcours trail....which was like a leisurely hike with playground equipment evenly spaced along its length. We skipped the snack when we went with the Jedi, and no one seemed to miss them. Instead, I made s'mores under the broiler as soon as we got home.

I think it took us about an hour to hike and play along the trail. Not because the trail is that long, but because we took our time at the various stations. So, while the parcours trail at Winton Wood doesn't count for a day-long get away, it still a great destination for a morning's excursion.

If you don't happened to be blessed enough to live in the Queen City, check out your local parks and see what sort of parcours trails they have to offer!

So there you have it, my first "Dayscape" review. Please let me know what you think; I'd love your feedback!

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