Friday, June 04, 2010

Facebook Friday

Don't read this if you already follow me on Facebook. All this is is a collection of some of my facebook updates for the last 3 weeks. Really. I am that lacking in a life.

May 15
So, the flowers and baby plants and vegetable seeds that I water and love and fertilize and tend grow pitifully while the weeds that I dig up spray and curse at thrive and take over. I ought to start trying to coddle the weeds and eraticate my plants and then maybe I'd have beautiful garden.

May 17
What do get when you cross Pikachu, a pinata, and Quasi Motto? Answer: The abomination that is now sitting on my kitchen table. I'm lying to myself and telling myself it will look better when the yellow crepe paper goes on it tomorrow.

May 18
I can remember when I was a little girl thinking that pigeons, with their shiny feathers of blue or grren or grey, were really pretty. That's how rosey my glasses were.

May 19
Once again, the o-n-o-f-f dial on the dishwasher defeated me last night. Plus, I'm not entirely convinced that I haven't left a dirty hot chocolate mug sitting somewhere in the house. I did a search for it last night, but couldn't find it. Now, its possible that I had already brought it to the sink, rinsed it out, and ...put it in the dishwasher without remembering doing so, but I find that scenerio highly unlikely.

May 21
Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl!

May 21
We had a wonderful, if tiring, day of birthday celebrations. Quick highlights: Co-Co Keys Waterpark, PizzaHut for lunch, a Rock-Paper-Scissors game during which a special ruling had to be made against tornados and guns, spaghetti diner on china with crystal goblets, ice cream cake, cool beaded bracelets....

May 21
(down with status update limits! Here's the rest of my update.) MarioKart almost became a pillow fight, guest sugar gliders and a guest boa constrictor (not at the same time). Whew. And now, we do another full day of birthday celebrations tomorrow for my great little guy!

May 22
And today, its Happy Birthday to my amazing boy who woke up this morning and said, "I don't think I'm any taller, Mommy."

May 22
More Bday highlights: Eswin's day started with a double decker omelet made by Grandma, then he put candy in the pinata with candy and inflated balloons in large bags for transport. We had beautiful weather for a park party w great games, cake, and terrific presents. At home, the last birthday present of the day must be... kept a secret for now; Eswin wants to share that news himself. Chinese buffet for dinner.

May 24
Just saw a hairless rat for sale at Petsmart. First of all, ewwwww. Second of all, why???

May 25
Today is the first day of our summer cleaning and decluttering "adventure". See, if I call it an adventure, it makes it sound fun and exciting, right?

May 26 declare a jammie day and start school on time OR to get a shower and start school late? Decisions, decisions.

May 28
My family has no groceries 'cause we're all watching videos like this on youtube. Watch and be amazed!

May 29
mmmmmmm......ribs and beef brisket from R2BQ :) Plus, new fav method of cooking corn on the cob, microwave the whole ear, with the husk on it, for three minutes. Thanks elderly gentleman at meijer who gave me the tip!

May 31
Sweet Streets play time quotes....the little plastic teacher says,"Let's talk about James Madison. Now, what did he write?"....And then a little later, "Now, let's talk about Barack Obama." This is followed by the little plastic student's comment, "Isn't he the new guy?"

Tuesday, June 1
1) exercised. 2) still have ants in the dishwasher. Yes, IN the dishwasher. 3) signed up for the summer reading club. 4) read Genesis 1-24....granted, I did this yesterday, but Im still claiming it on my morning list this morning. 5) today launches the new system of buying electronic time through earning tokens. I expect a slight adjustment period.

Wednesday, June 2
What's for dinner tonight? Jumbo double chocolate chip muffins, that's what. Don't worry, I bought jumbo blueberry muffins for those family members who don't like chocolate. I am, after all, a responsible adult.

Thursday, June 3
Why is it that the more hours I spend trying to clean and organize the school room, the worse the school room looks?

Friday, June 4
i'm skipping my morning exercises, but i'll be gardening a lot today, so that counts, right?

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