Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Robo Hamsters

The sign at Petsmart said that Roborovski hamsters were the smallest, fastest hamsters in the world. It also said that they were very difficult to catch when they escape. The sign was not lying.

Toa of Boy just turned seven, and got a dwarf hamster for a pet. The hamster was an older hamster, who was in need of a new home and a new family to care for him. Toa named his hamster Nibbles. Nibbles was quite obviously in the twilight of his life when he came home, and he lived for less than a week in his new home. Nibbles passing was accompanied by some heartfelt tears. Toa slept in Mommy and Daddy's room that night and was reassured many times that he had done a wonderful job taking car of Nibbles, and that he had made Nibbles' last few days the happiest days of Nibble's life. A full funeral was held the next morning, and a garden stepping stone was carefully painted and place over the burial site as a marker.

Two days later we were at Petsmart. The liveliest, most fun looking hamsters were coming home with us, despite the sign's warning. The hamsters were quickly named Cutie and Crazy. They are virtually indistinguishable from one another, so they 'share' the two names. They don't seem to mind.

What the sign didn't mention was that robo hamsters can a) flatten themselves and squeeze through any half inch wide opening, and b) teleport.

We just got finished cleaning the cage for the first time. Now, to be safe, we set up the "small animal playpen" around the periphery of the cage while we had the door open and were removing items for cleaning. The "small animal playpen" had a gap between it and the main cage at least a half an inch wide.

Have you ever tried to catch a two inch creature which is quick as lightening and can teleport short distances? It isn't easy. I got to do it twice. With an overly excited seven-year old assistant.

This is their home-coming photo. Can you see them? Of course not, cause they are nothing but a blur. Two small blurs. (And no, I didn't use the flash. We had just buried one tiny guy; I didn't want to add two more graves to the garden path.)

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