Friday, November 12, 2010

Facebook Friday... um.....

You know, I knew I was a little behind with copying my Facebook updates into my blog....but I didn't know I was THREE MONTHS behind. (And I do this, cause I do go back and read my blog sometimes, and I never go back an read my facebook.....and cause there are little things i put in my updates that don't warrant a whole blog, but I don't want to forget them either.)

So, since I'm THREE MONTHS behind (i still think that's wrong. Maybe i forgot to label them. hmmmm....No. No. It's been three months. I just scrolled through all my blog posts to verify this.)

 So, since I'm THREE MONTHS behind in Facebook updates, I'm just going to put up my keepers from the past three months. The ones that capture a moment in our day that I want to look back at and laugh about later. (And yes, this is the trimmed down, thinned out version, thank you.)

After listening to half of a phone conversation between me and Telephone, the Jedi is of the opinion that it should only take one word to describe the color of a dress ;)

It's 76 degrees; I'm wearing a banana sticker on my forehead; I had to step over four paper airplanes to get to my computer; and, I don't want to stay inside doing school this afternoon. Where can we escape to?

things that we learned while reviewing the Pledge: Sweetling knows how to spell indivisible. Mommy does not.

Today's Asimov quote. After 20 minutes of reading about, discussing, and working with a trillion based number system, we get to this quote: "What then, is the good of a googol, if it is too large to be useful in counting even the smallest material objects spread through the largest known volume? I could answer: For its... own sheer, abstract beauty --- But then you would all throw rocks at me." Sweetling cracked up.

we need shoeboxes. I danced in Sweetling's room. by Toa

Two things I learned today, while painting little boy faces (and arms) at Children's Hospital. 1)yoda's light saber is shorter than Darth Vador's lightsaber. 2)Spiderman has tall blue boots. If you paint him with red boots, he suddenly becomes the EVIL bad guy Spiderman.

What my children learned in school so far today: No matter what Mommy says, El Salad-or is NOT a garden nation known for its wonderful vegetable crop which gives out free salads to tourists upon their arrival at the national airport. It is just a Mommy misspelling of El Salvador.

keep your fingers crossed for me. i'm trying to make hot fudge sauce from scratch. if I'm successful, it will be sundaes for dinner tonight. (no, I'm not joking.)
>>I am the oracle of hot fudge! woo hoo! Here's the recipe I used

The Great Wall of Chocolate at PF Chang. Why? Because my husband loves me a lot :)

circular floor plan + boys = gun chase scene

Did you know rabbits are not officially classified in the rodent family?

i've been hungry all morning. Toa of Boy says I'm turning into Winnie-the-Pooh.

Hey, guess what, there's a HUGE difference between corn flour and corn meal. I have no idea how to salvage these tortillas. I'm considering adding an egg to help hold the crumbly mixture together.

The weather is nice and cool this morning. I feel like doing some baking. I'm making cornbread for our cookout, banana bread (cause the bananas are getting old) AND maybe chocolate chip oat cookies. See, I told you I was in a baking mood.

chocolate chip cookies and milk in a cookie monster cup :)

the phrase on Toa's spelling list is "Nan's man." I gave him the phrase and used it in a sentence. "Nan's man is Fred. Fred is Nan's man." Toa looked at me and exclaimed, "What?!? Fred doesn't even know her!!!!"

Apparently, updating the look of my blog isn't on the list of things to do today. i'm not clever enough to figure out bloggers new easy "design your own template" feature.

There are families who do this whole "get ready and get out the door for school" thing every day, right? So why is it that getting to co-op at the crack of ten seems so stressful?

Toa's truism for the day: Hamsters don't need gym shoes to run really fast.

World's Largest Ball of Twine (though there is, apparantly, a hot debate over the claim.) Sadly, it is way too far off of our driving route through Kansas to see it.

What I learned at church tonight---- Sha-zaam!!!

We're at ColerainPark...not because the kids wanted to come to the park, but because Mommy wanted to go to a park :)

I found a recipe for muffins that taste like donuts! Too late to make them tonight, but soon they will be all mine! (of course, they lack the whole wheat and rolled oat goodness of the muffins I made tonight.)

I'm posting this here, because there are other women out there who will understand this. I have put on three different pair of socks this morning, and can't find a pair that's the right shade of blue to match both my periwinkle blue jeans and my blue and green plaid mary-jane slip ons. White doesn't work. Navy doesn't Muted blue doesn't work. I'm going to co-op, unhappy about my sock choice.

The universe has punishe me for sleeping in by having me wake up to the words, "Mommy, I lost my hamster." Sadly, he was not refering to his Webkinz hamster.

The escaped hamster came back at some point during the night, collected the seeds which had fallen on the living room carpet, and went back into hiding somewhere. The lure of the wonders of the hamster wheel did not prompt him to go back into his open cage. It's Wild, Wild Hamster Kingdom at our household.

We now have three hamster catching devices set up on our living room floor, but you all will have to wait until Friday night to see if they work, because my small group starts our media fast tomorrow.

It's nearly noon on Saturday. I got up at 8:30, had breakfast, did my devotions, and was ready to go back to bed! For those of you worried about (or amused by) our escaped hamster, he was safely returned to his cage at 12:20 am Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Mommy stayed up and waited for him to show his furry littl...e face, then trapped him in a paper towel tube and returned him to his cage.

There are some mornings where I just need an extra dose of patience. Maybe even a double dose.

Colds and the commencement of lifestyle changes do not mix. I was all set to start cooking from scratch and eating healthier, but now I have a headache and a cold, and I say, bring on the KFC!!!

I love my husband for many reasons, among those being that he can come home and ask, "Are those.....acorns? toaster oven???" And when I say, "Oh yes!" He just nods his head and walks away without comment.

I am a technological power house! Just now I.... 1) replaced the camera batteries and reset the date/time. (hush, it counts as an acheivement). 2) outwitted the computer and made it do a search for the fuji camera manual, even though the first time it did the search, it only looked at the local hard drive and told me that no such document existed.

Today, a double layer chocolate cake with fudge frosting AND pumpkin cinnamon rolls made from a fresh pumpkin AND cheesy chicken bake AND sweet potato casserole. Tomorrow, .....the world!!!!

It's crazy hat day at co-op. I really want a King Julian crown. I have no crazy hats. Something is not right with the world.

I want to know why, all of a sudden, the google map on my phone can't figure out where on God's green earth I am. Sweetling says its because I'm a fairy that the satelites just can't find me.

A) the jedi has gotten me my very own Zelda game. Can you say "teacher in-service day"?
B)In the excitement of A, I forgot what B was. If I remember later, I'll post it then.

Things the hamster book doesn't cover...."How to get Elmer's glue out of a hamster's fur." And thank you, no, the hamsters in our house do NOT have Elmer's glue in their fur. You can hold off on your phone calls to PETA. We were just discussing the importance of letting the glue dry completely before letting the hamsters play in the homemade cardboard hamster maze.

You know you are getting old when a sneeze results in a small neck injury. Just saying.

Yay! Jake Sweeny gave us a free rental car to use while they did the two hours of regular maintenance the van is due for. The rental car's transmission stick thing has a P, an R, an N, and then it has +, S-D, and -. You can move the stick thingie to one side for the S and the other side for the D. I put it in D, for drive, right? What do you think the S is for?

Ah, magic housecleaning fairy, how I pine for thee......

Someone tell me why I have to say things like this, "Don't stick your head down there. If your head got stuck there, you'd be really sad. Don't stick your head down there again."

things that puzzle me today: 1) why do I have 7-8 overflowing loads of laundry this week when I usually have 3-5 medium loads? 2) why am I still very hungry when I just finished the same breakfast I always have? 3) what yellow SHA-ZAAM outfit do I want to wear to game night at the Brink tonight?

I just told my seven year old that he could turn into a zombie without the proper vitamins. I think on that successful parenting note, I shall go have an apple fritter and a second cup of hot chocolate.

I found my yellow warrior outfit for game night at the Brink. Sweetling very politely told me that I looked stupid. But I know how to fix that, by making myself a lightning bolt coronet out of aluminum foil. Cause then I won't look stupid at all!

Everyone's at Tae Kwon Do. Which means nobody is home except me......and Zelda.....

I've been awake for an hour, and other than hitting "like" on a few status updates, I dont have much to show for my time. You know what lesson I have learned from this? That I might as well sleep in. I don't get anything productive done from getting up when the alarm goes off anyway.

the real reason i like clear fingernail polish is cause its hard to tell wht a crappy job i do slapping it on AND its harder to notice when it starts chipping off

Guess what I found stuck in my hair? A glow-in-the-dark the kind you can buy in a museum gift shop to stick on a bedroom ceiling.

The library had four veggietale dvds which I have never seen. I feel cheated somehow. They all four came home with me.

The school day is being delayed for the watching of new VeggieTales.

Sweetling just lost a tooth. The tooth fairy in our house doesn't bring cash. No, long ago the tooth fairy decided she wanted to be more unique and creative than that. Now the tooth fairy is wondering why she started that tradition, because she has absolutelt no idea what to leave in place of this tooth.

My dishwasher is temporarily out of commission. That's all right, because i'm sure doing dishes by hand builds character. In fact, I am so sure of this, that I am going to let my children reap the benefit of this wonderful character building opportunity.

Toa of Boy and I went outside to bring in the garbage cans and the recycle bin. Toa took his plastic sword with him "just in case". It was a good thing he did too, because there was a mighty ferocious drift of leaves at the top of the driveway.

Why is cleaning house suspiciously like shuffling things from one pile to another? I'm sure it has nothing to do with my organizational capabilities.

Today, I have come to the terrible realization that unless I clean out the under stairs storage, I will never ever be able to get out my Chirstmas decorations.

Contents of my kitchen table: playschool sword, Corduroy Makes a Cake, 2 rock+mineral kits, plastic organizer w rocks, 3 wendy's salt packets, webkinz snowman, green washcloth, xmas jar of coins, bell peper, advodado, 3 tomatoes, plant, tkd headband, napkin, plastic knife, plastic salad lid, medicine bottle, plant (which got watered yesterday--finally)

If I were to write a list of top ten things NOT to do at 3am, plucking your own eyebrows would be on it.

Mommy's words of wisdom for the day: "If you squish the two halves of your slinky together, its going to get all tangled and messed up," and, "If you stretch your slinky too far down the hallway, its not going to go back together again."

‎.....another slinky bites the dust.

The early bird gets.... a cup of hot chocolate of course! Why did you even have to wonder?

I think after several days of being revved up on a decongestant 24/7, I am beginning to turn into the Wicked Witch of the West. "I'll get you, my pretty.....and your little dog too!!!"

I am now going to go bless the good people at Meijer with my decongestant enhanced mood ;) --and yes, I caved after a night and an hour this morning without and decided oxygen and a release of pressure was worth the snarkiness of the psuedophedrine.

23 paper sacks full of groceries (plus 10lb potatoes and laundry detergent that didn't fit in a bag)---$211

Sweelting is warming up for her jr black belt test. She broke a board with a flying side kick diring practice Thursday :) Prayers for her test today please!

Her forms looked good, her kicking drills were good, her 360 crescents were sharp, she got in some nice high kicks in sparring, and she broke 1 of her 3 boards. She wasn't the only one not to break all her boards, but she was really disappointed not to do better on her breaks. I think she's going to mske a 2nd attempt ...on her breaks at class on Tuesday. Toa of Boy tests for his yellow belt next.

Sweetling broke her other two boards at the end of testing today :) Now I just need someone to tell me the hat I just made for Toa of Boy looks like a Pikachu hat and not a strange bunny duck. This is a feelings-based conversation, so the fact that you can't see the hat to know what it really looks like is completely irrelevent. Just tell me it looks like Pikachu anyway.
>>Congrats to Sweetling! I have a board breaker myself. :) And the Pikachu hat...I still have my whale shark you made, so it's a possibility that it looks like a bunny duck.

Pikachu's tail lasted exactly 15.2 seconds in the bounce house. 8ow he is tailless.

jammie day at co-op today. Now, the trick is to convince myself that we still need to get up and get going to co-op. Otherwise jammie day will turn into being late for co-op.

Toa of Boy made an African lion mask at co-op today. So far his favorite activity of the evening has been to hold the mask in front of his face, and follow his Daddy through the house while giggling.

Never seen the polling place that crowded in the middle of the morning. :)

ice cream is like a reboot for a homeschooling day.

Toa of Boy is voting for no school today. Sadly, despite the fact that America is a republic, Toa's home is not run as a democracy. Oh the tyranny

Did you know that ghosts can't do math? its a true fact. I learned it from the green ghost who suddenly appeared in my living room when it was time for math.

Jokes by Toa of Boy, "What did the witch say to the talking broom?.....Witches' brew!!!" And "Why do you not put a lid on a pumpkin?.....It's so ooooooo scary!" And, "What did the squirrel make the bird so laugh that the turtle couldn't sleep?.....The squirrel want to squirrel chat, but the turtle want some sleep."

Give it up for the two jr black belts in my house!! Woot woot!

I refuse to start my weekend with two loads of laundry still to be folded.

I have bunny slippers, and their names are Flip and Flop :)

‎1)Found a mini-hershey bar on the floor of the passenger side of the van. Don't know *who* could have dropped it. 2) Toa of Boy, who loves eggrolls, has just learned they are stuffed with cabbage. He is quite shocked and disillusioned by this treachery. 3) After a discussion on the importanence of calcium, Toa thinks oste...operosis = zombism. 4) Facebook needs spellcheck.

Another sock crisis. Dark navy jeans and dark brown mary janes. Sock suggestions?

There is a huge preying mantis perched on the back of our scarecrow's head. I can't decied if this is really cool or really creepy.

Sweetling is chasing Toa of Boy around on the church lawn. Sweetling pauses to bring me a yellow dandelion. Toa of Boy pauses because he just ran out off both his double tied gym shoes.

two loads of laundry folded, two and a half to go.....and life is too short to fold underwear.

I don't know what we're having for dinner, but I've got butter set out to soften for cookies :)

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