Saturday, November 13, 2010

When Pigs Fly

In the living room, Sweetling and Toa of Boy were wrestling. Which really means, Toa started trying to tickle and mess with Sweetling, who quickly pinned him. The Toa spends the next ten minutes wiggling and trying to claim that he "didn't do anything!" Now, the thing with Toa, is that he pleads for release, and as soon as he is let go, he just takes that as an opportunity to immediately launch another tickle attack (or, if it's me he's messing with, he launches a sock-stealing attempt).

The good-natured arguing going on in the living room wasn't anything unusual. Toa had tried playing the 'gotta go to the bathroom' card, and the 'can't breathe' card, and had therefore progressed into more creative attempts at brokering for his release.

Sadly, I didn't hear what led up to this comment, but I did hear Sweetling say, "Yeah, right, and pigs can fly too!"

At which point, being the loving mother that I am, I had to interject myself into the situation.

"I'm a pig," said I, "I can fly!"

"No," countered Sweetling, "You are a chipmunk. I clearly did not say that chipmunks could fly."

From underneath Sweetling, Toa piped up, "Some squirrels can fly!"

"No," said Sweetling again, "some squirrels can glide. That's not flying, that's falling with style. And Mommy is still a chipmunk."

See, it could happen.

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