Thursday, November 11, 2010

Healthy Baked Goods

I haven't tried these recipes yet. I grabbed them from an email that my sister the Smurf sent out. But, I'm going to wrap up spelling with Toa, and then a batch of brawny brownies might be going into the oven. 

Says the Smurf, "when I say healthy, I don't mean low-calorie diet foods; I'm looking for nutrient rich recipes."

Sneaky Snickerdoodles
Strawberry Cupcakes 

Breakfast Cookie
Legal Donuts
Brawny Brownies

To these recipes, I'm adding two that I found on my own. 

These cookies are made with whole wheat flour and rolled oats, and they are THE BOMB. I love these cookies. They are all a cookie should be. Sweet, hearty, chewy, chocolaty, easy to make, and delicious…

And, I made a yummy chocolate zucchini cake from allrecipes, but I can’t remember which recipe I used for it. This one *might* be it, but it might not. It has shredded zucchini and walnuts in it. I don’t know if that makes it nutrient rich or not. I tend to take a Bill Cosby approach to nutrition when it comes to chocolate cake.

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