Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aliens vs Flowers

We were writing letters to the young lady we sponsor through Compassion International. Toa of Boy had finished his letter and still had some space on the bottom of his page. I suggested (read "required") that he put in a cute and happy drawing at the bottom of the page. Like maybe some flowers or a rainbow or some hearts.

He said, "Do I have to draw flowers, Mommy?"

No, I said. Just make it something that will make her smile.

The little boy departed for his crayon box and school desk downstairs.

Sweetling looked at me and said, "It's going to be aliens shooting lazers, cause that's what makes Toa of Boy smile."

Heeding the wisdom of her words, I called down to Toa, "No guns!"

Silly Mommy. Lazers aren't guns!

"And remember," said I, "this is for a girl!"

Yeah, that's ok. Go ahead and judge me and my gender stereotyping.

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