Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cincinnati Dayscapes: Krohn Conservatory

Who is ready for spring?

What if I told you spring is out in all its glory and its just a short drive away for anyone living in the Greater Cincinnati Area?

Friday, we packed up our art supplies and a card game, grabbed Tia Smurf, and headed out for the Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.

The Conservatory is a favorite spot of mine to visit when I just have had enough of winter. This time, I was especially pleased to discover that the 'changing exhibit room' was resplendent with spring flowering bulbs.

It was warm, but not hot, and seemed sunny, despite the partly cloudy skies outside. The beds of bulbs wrapped around an open patio which held several small tables. We neglected our sketchbooks, sat down at a table, and played a card game for an hour or so. It was a beautiful mini-vacation.

Afterward, we wondered through the waterfall room, and hung out on the bridge near the waterfall.

We toured the Cacti Room, the Orchid Room, and the Bonsai collection. (My favorite thing to do in the Cacti Room is to look for little lizards. They are there, scuttling about, but I don't always get to glimpse one.)

In the Tropical Room, there was a "Puffball Tree". Honestly, that's what it's little sign said. It was full of bright pink puffball flowers. We found several flowers which had fallen from the tree and so we collected a small bouquet from the blooms that were lying among the large leafed plants under the tree. Sweetling gathered a perfect bloom for two of her friends at co-op, but sadly the blooms didn't last through the weekend. (We were stopped by two workers who asked if we had picked the flowers or found them on the ground. When we answered honestly that we had found them, they were fine with our bouquet.)

So, if you are tired of winter and ready for spring, head down to the Krohn! It's in full bloom!

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