Friday, June 10, 2011

Riddle me this, Batman

Let's pretend that a certain family went on vacation for three weeks. Let's pretend they ate very well for those three weeks, and that, aside from a few hikes, they didn't get a lot of exercise. Let's pretend that three of the family members gained a little weight. (One member stayed her sweet and lean junior black belt self.)

Let's pretend that this week, one member of the family decided she was getting back to running. Let's pretend that she also severely limited her sweets for the week. Severely. Like one single cup of hot chocolate for the week instead of one each morning and one each night and no desserts, with two small exceptions. That's severe.

Let's pretend this person also jogged for 30 minutes every morning this week.

So then, please tell me, purely hypothetically speaking of course, how it could be remotely possible that every single morning this week, the Wii Fit has been recording this persons weight as increasing slightly every day? Really? How is that possible?

More importantly, how is that even remotely fair????


Tina Hollenbeck said...

Honestly, it could be a combo of water retention (drink lots more water to get rid of that, even though it's counterintuitive) and adding muscle (from the running) before you've burned off those extra calories. Muscle is leaner than fat, though, so pay at least as much attention to how clothing fits as to the number on the scale. If clothes are getting looser, you're building muscle, which weighs more, but is leaner. (I can sympathize, by the way, because I've been "behaving" pretty well for 10 days now and will weigh myself tomorrow...but I am scared to death at what I'll see in case it's not what I'll like!)

Super S said...

Im pretty sure it's not recording your height, per say, but your BMI. You may need to update your height on the system.