Thursday, June 02, 2011

WFMW: Lego Quest

We are on a token system in the summertime. Which means, that to watch TV or play video games, my kids need to have some tokens to cash in. Its a pretty simple and straightforward system, if it wasn't, I could never stick with it. Here's how it works, in case you missed it.

One of the thing on our blue list for earning tokens is "building"...with the stipulation that the building be appropriately challenging. We have an awesome construction kit, but it requires a lot of adult guidance. I was looking for some building challenges that Toa could tackle all on his own.

I found this awesome blog called Lego Quest.

It looks like the blog takes a break during the summer, but that's ok. We went back to quest #1 and just started from the beginning. (Ok, I lied. Technically, we went back to quest #2. The first quest was "build a car". Toa proclaimed that he built lots of cars all the time and that this was not new or challenging.)

Quest #2 is monochromatic.

Pick a colour, any colour, and use only that colour of Lego.

Build anything. The sky is the limit. A structure, a sculpture, functional, non-functional, anything at all, but you can only use one colour!
Toa went off to build the Statue of Liberty.

I'll post a photo up when he is done.

I really love the list of quest ideas on Lego Quest site. It Works for Me!

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Breezy Point Mom said...

This week, we started to implement a variation of the token system you described. So far so good. It has been a long time since I have seen my kids exercising so much. Thanks for the great idea!