Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teenager in the House

When I got married, I could cook three things. I could, thanks to Mammaw, make an awesome fruit pie from scratch. I could make a packet of ramen noodles. I could heat up a can of soup or a can of ravioli. That was pretty much the extent of my cooking skills. Notice boiling spaghetti didn't make the list.

To make sure Susan enters adulthood with better cooking and better life skills than I did, I want to take one afternoon a week to do either a home ec class or another life skills class.

Here are, in no particular order, the things I want to make sure she can do before she turns 18. Some of these, obviously, will wait till she's of driving age. Some of things I haven't mastered, but are still good things to be able to do.
  • cook several different, healthy dinners
  • plan a weekly menu and grocery list that stays within a budget
  • know how to safely store foods (how to freeze, shelf life, etc)
  • know how to read and understand food labels
  • sew from a pattern
  • mend and repair garments
  • put in a hem
  • check and change the oil in a car
  • check other fluids in a car
  • jump a dead car battery
  • change a tire
  • read a map
  • get a driver's license
  • budget income and living expenses
  • balance a checkbook
  • troubleshoot a computer
  • remove spyware
  • add memory
  • replace a harddrive
  • install an operating system
  • protect her personal safety
  • recognize red flags in relationships
  • recognize red flags in financial deals and offers
  • plan, plant, and tend a vegetable garden 
  • plan and manage a weekly schedule
  • plan and manage a home
  • be proficient in minor home repairs
  • volunteer in a variety of services
  • plan and co-ordinate an event
  • know how to complete a job application
  • know how to put together a resume and a portfolio
  • know how to conduct herself on a job interview
  • know how to dress professionally

Are there any areas which I am missing?

I'm looking at doing a home ec cooking class this year, perhaps teaming up with another mom who wants to do a sewing class. But, I think I might have her look over the list and pick what she wants to work on first.

My wonderful sister sent me this great link for Jamie's Home Cooking Skills.

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Jennifer said...

WOW! this is a great list!!!!!