Friday, July 20, 2012

Facebook Friday

June 22
I'm serving hot fudge banana splits at Sweetling's sleepover because i thought these would be a yummy summer treat. The girls, however, only see these as a means to get, and i do quote, "ALL SUGARED UP".

June 23
a nap is happening today. Thus it has been written; thus it shall be done.

June 24
Me: I'm so tired. I need to be able to tap into Toa's energy reserves. Where does he get all that energy?
Toa of Boy: Meat!

June 25
Today's shout out goes to my Friend in the Trenches who found us a great electric keyboard for school! Toa is so excited, he wants to start his homeschool music lessons *today* rather than wait for the 'official' start of school!

June 26
We went to Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve to see their owl display and go on a short walk. We came home with--- two ziplock bags, one with small rodent and bird bones, the other with the rest of the dissected owl pellet; one bent stick which shall be painted brown and strung to become a bow; a roll of paper sycamore bark; and a few scratches from tree climbing.

June 27
I like hanging out with other mothers with boys, just to know I'm not the only one who has to say things like, "No breaking and entering!" and "No, get down! You may not ride on your brother!"

June 27
Theology according to the VBS preschoolers:
Q: Who did God send to Earth to save us?
A: Reese! (The monkey puppet)

June 28
Goal for the day: have the kitchen floor swept and mopped, the bathroom clean, and the house vacuumed by 10am. It's not a very exciting goal I know, but I'll be happy when I've completed it!

June 28
Rewriting is hard work. why did I pick this as my reward for getting the house semi-clean?

June 30
Call me crazy, but...I can't find a zucchini pasta salad recipe that cooks the zucchini. Isn't raw zucchini a bit hard and tough for a salad?

Oh NO!!! I forgot to do the baking/cooking for the church picnic tomorrow!

July 2

I love technology...I can stalk my daughter from across the country!

July 3
My Sweetling called me!!!

July 3
The group in Denver
July 3
I took a reality pill and realized that going bookless for math was going to be a *whole* lot of work. So, plan B. Anyone have experience with the series "Key to..." I'm looking at Key to Fractions and Key to Percents in particular.

July 5
Did you know that vampires see everything in shades of red? It's true; Toa of Boy told me so.

July 5
Sweetling on a service project in Denver. Her hat says "Daddy's Mini-Me"!
July 6

July 7
Yay! She's on her way home!

July 8
within minutes of waking up, Toa of Boy was telling me all about the things he rolled up last night in Katamari. Thank you Christopher Robin, you've made a young boy very happy this weekend!

July 8
Today's conversation--
Sweetlng: Hey, are those my shoes you are wearing???
Me: Yes. Think of it as rent for feeding your fish while you were gone.

July 8
portfolios written for both kids, now I just have to assemble the work samples to scan or photo graph

July 9
Last night I jotted down a to-do list for today. It reads, "tub, laundry, dishes, kitchen, sweep, ticket, plants, games, hair." This morning I have *no* idea what 'games' is doing on the list or what it's supposed to mean.

July 9
Second to-do list for the week. Yes, the Facebook world does need to know this.
--round up Sweetlings's work samples
--photo/scan work samples
--finish letter of intent
--clean out school shelves
--clean out file cabinet
--purge stuff from under the stairs
--box up last year's curriculum to be stored in garage
--make Logic of English game cards
--set up this year's school books and materials
--clean Toa's closet
--go clothes shopping with Christopher Robin
--go to game week at Farbach Werner
--find a gaming snack that can hold its own against Munchkin dip

July 9
My children have added "defeat the final boss in Zelda:Twilight Princess" to my to do list for this afternoon. Being the loving, selfless mother that I am, I shall have to honor that request.

July 9
What I should be doing...getting ready for school or defeating the final Zelda boss. (It's a toss up between those two.)
What I am doing: checking out potential homes for living in through a zombie apocalypse

July 11
I have been informed today that we have *not* had a summer unless we make homemade ice cream. Friday afternoon grocery run had better include ingredients for ice cream!

July 12
Drove down to get gyros from Sebastian's today....and they were closed for a two week vacation! We went to Golden City instead which had some of the best egg rolls ever :)

July 13
It's quarter till 2 a.m. I was asleep, but now I'm wide awake. any decent suggestions on what to do with myself?

July 14
judging BBQ in Kettering :)

July 15
Toa of Boy: do do do do do do do
Sweetling: ---
Toa: do do do do do do do
Sweetling: --
Toa:  Sweetling! It's the chasing music!
Sweetling: ?
Toa: Do do do do do do do
Sweetling: ?
Toa: You know the music where you are chasing baby ducks!
Sweetling: ????
Toa: do do do do do do do
Sweetling: I'm not even going to ask.

July 15
conversations as we wait for the homemade ice cream to set up--
Me: What about some ham and cheese quesadillas?
Toa: No, that's too much like a meal.
Sweetling: Well, we still need to eat something for dinner.
The Jedi: Really? I thought that was what the ice cream was for.

July 16
Compliment of the day (from Sweetling) :
"I really like the direction you picked for history this year."

July 16
First day of school--all subjects and assignments complete, laundry down to the last load, kitchen-living room-dishes-bath all clean. BOOYAH! Who's the woman!

July 17
Just found a pair of black bionicle bat wings in the dryer with the socks and underwear.

July 17
The Jedi's compliment of the day:
Toa of Boy: Daddy, what's the elven word for mountain?
The Jedi: I'd have to look that up.
Toa: Ok, I thought I'd ask cause I thought you might know.
Jedi: I love that our family needs an elven dictionary.

July 18
at 9:30 on the third day of school, I have three things to share:
a) I hate modeling clay
b) Tears have been shed
c) If two trains enter a tunnel, I don't care what their speed is, there is going to be a big explosion in the tunnel.

July 18
Toa of Boy named his skeleton lego "Vecna."

July 19
New measure of pathetic: waiting till your daughter leaves the room to sharpen her pencil so that you can cheat off of her algebra work

July 19
What i learned tonight at tae kwon do--- Iron Butterflies are every bit as evil as they sound

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