Wednesday, July 04, 2012

School Supplies

If I were cool, which you know I'm not, I'd set up an instrumental sound track to play "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" as this post is being read.

Instead, you'll just have to hum it in your head as you read. Everyone humming? Good, let's begin...

It's time to make the back-to-school supply list!

At our house, we need ---
  • pencils. (And we need to give away all the purple pencils neither of my kids will use.)
  • markers (And we need to throw away all the markers that are dried up).
  • colored pencils for Toa (because most of his set from last year are MIA)
  • ultra fine Sharpies for each of us (for labeling maps and other diagrams)
  • regular Sharpies for each of us (for outlining maps and other things)
  • double sided sticky tape for each of us (for mounting projects)
  • glue sticks
  • glue bottles
  • green duct tape 
  • 2 rolls of blue duct tape (one for school and one to mend the trampoline, again)
  • 2 nerf guns (they're for educational purposes, I swear)
  • white card stock
  • index card holders, one green and one blue
  • divider tabs, at least two sets
  • clay that can be fired in a regular oven, not a kiln (Toa wants to do a unit on ceramics)
  • blank white index cards or blank 'game' cards from the school supply store
  • maybe scissors (we need to do a scissor scavenger hunt and make sure each child can find 2 pair--one for home and one for co-op)
  • maybe pencil sharpeners. (scavenger hunt time again)
  • maybe erasers (yeah, another hunt)
  • assorted folders and notebooks for co-op (I have to check their class lists)
That's reasonable, right?

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