Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Nerf Guns and Apple Mummies

Last week was our first week of school.

(This week was spent battling a stomach bug. I'm not writing about it. Sue me.)

Monday and Tuesday was spent almost exclusively with Sweetling. Toa of Boy joined us for Bible in the morning, and then was free. He spent two days almost exclusively on Lego Designer....which is a fun, free, Lego CAD program.

Sweetling has a very ambitious first year of high school. Her courses this year include--
  • Matthew-Acts
  • The Rise and Fall of Rome
  • Foundations in Romans
  • Algebra 2 and Trigonometry
  • The One Year Adventure Novel
  • American History to 1865
  • American Literature
  • German 1
  • Spanish 3
  • ASL 1
  • Basic Japanese
  • Formal Logic
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots
  • General Science
  • Drawing 1
  • Shakespeare
Two days to work exclusively with her and to get her rolling on her courses was absolutely needed.  I really like the balance in her school this year. She has several subjects she's doing with me, a few with her father, a few at co-op, and a few that are independent. (For a more complete breakdown of courses and resources for both children, check out our curriculum page.)

On Wednesday, I brought Toa of Boy into the mix.

My goal in choosing curriculum for Toa of Boy this year was to find resources and programs which let him learn in the mode God created him to operate....hands-on, creative, and active!

On Wednesday alone,

we made modeling clay tablets to simulate the wax writing tablets of ancient Rome;

we began are review of multiplication and introduced factors by creating rectangular arrays with glass craft pebbles on a wipe-off mat;

we shot a nerf gun at phonogram cards (no action shot of this--I stood safely around a corner and held up the card to be shot);

and we created a mummification mixture for an innocent apple. (The yummy apple on the left is the control apple after 10 days. The mummified apple is in its baking soda/salt dessication mixture.)

Yes, there was still reading and writing and workbook pages to complete...but they were the side dish that rounded out our plate of learning, not the entree!

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