Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Links I Like: Blog for $

No, I'm not going commercial with this blog. This is my blog. Mine.

But, I'm considering starting a foodie blog. We are such a foodie family. That is, in fact, the title I'm considering for it.

"Foodie Family: This ain't no health food blog"

Terrible, isn't it? And yet, devilishly appealing.

My goal would be to make a tiny bit of side money, just enough to help finance our foodie habits. You could look at the blog like an electronic enabler.

I've been trolling though some articles on making money blogging. That's way more important than laundry, right?

And, one of my personal first rules of operating is never ever go ahead with a new idea until its been given at least a week of thought and consideration. I'm trying to hold myself to that rule. The temptation, of course, is to go grab the url for foodie family. Before its gone. Especially since now I've shared it with the world.

ANYWAY, the point of this post is to put up a few links I might find helpful.

  • ChristianPF--pretty inclusive article with a few embedded links that look promising.

  • ProBlogger --nice set of articles linked to the bottom of the post. For further reading when I'm dodging laundry again. You didn't know I had ninja laundry, did you?
Things that I should do if I'm considering starting a commercial blog--

  1. Delete all the old writing blogs I don't actually write for anymore.
  2. Change my blogger name to Hot Fudge Oracle. It fits the theme more than Mrs Random.
  3. Maybe change my personal blog name. Right now this blog has the url of hot-fudge-oracle and the blog name of "R.A.M--Random Access Me-ness." Totally doesn't match because I had no idea how the url and the blog name connected. 
  4. Fiddle with the customization settings on the new blog before I put up content. I'm afraid to change much here, other than the basic template....because I dread things accidentally going bye-bye.
  5. Read the owner's manual on my new camera.

And what about content?

I'm not putting up a post on Monday. Mondays are co-op days. A timely post wont happen on Monday. Even though Menu Monday has a nice ring to it. (Though I could write it over the weekend and schedule it to go up on Monday....)

Two for Tuesday is already a hit. As in, it has a handful of readers.

Weekend Road Trip would be nice to post up every other week or so. Even though my road trips at first might be limited to the Greater Cincinnati Area. 

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